April 29, 2009

Spin Collective Giveaway!

UPDATE: This giveaway is open to ALL, worldwide.

Anyone else out there crazy about the wall stickers popping up everywhere? I know I am, in fact, I've been visiting UK's Spin Collective quite frequently trying to decide on one (or more?) for the babies room. Ahhh decisions decisions. So much to choose from, I just can't decide!

Stuart at the Spin Collective has been nice enough to offer 3 DecorAddict reader's a sticker set (up to £30 in value)! To qualify for a chance to win one, visit Spin Collective wall stickers, and choose your 3 favorite wall decals that you would use in your home, and list where you would use them! Enter your answers in the comments section below no later than Wednesday, May 6th, 2009, and I'll choose 3 commenters at random (via random.org) that will win a wall sticker of their choice up to £30 in value.

all images from Spin Collective

Stuart has also been generous enough to offer DecorAddict reader's a special discount of 10 % off their entire shop! Visit their shop, and once you have chosen your wall sticker, enter coupon code DecorAddict10 at the checkout. This discount will only be available until the end of May, so make sure you order soon!

Thank you to Stuart and Spin Collective for sponsoring DecorAddict's very first giveaway!

Only 1 comment/entry per person please! Multiple entries will be deleted.

April 28, 2009

Link Love {FoundVintageStyle & GreavesDesign}

Lovely fellow Canadian Carol of Greaves Design & Found Vintage Style is a biz-e girl! A blog, 2 Etsy shops, and a set designer to boot! Of course when I saved Carol's blog, I didn't note how I found it, but that really doesn't matter now does it. :-)

Her first Etsy shop, FoundVintageStyle, that I thought I'd show you today focuses on good design. Vintage staplers, dictionaries, and even shoes can be found here.

all images from FoundVintageStyle

Her other Etsy shop, GreavesDesign, showcases Carol amazing talent for handmade jewellery. I usually don't feature jewellery designers here on DecorAddict, but this I just couldn't resist. The detail in her pieces is absolutely breathtaking!

all images from GreavesDesign

Happy drooling! My husband already has our mop out. :-)

April 27, 2009

I miss you too!

Yes, I've been M.I.A for a few days I know, and it's not that I haven't wanted to be here, trust me!

The past 7 days have been a little bit emotional for me to say the least. To quickly sum it up and tie a bow around it...
  • my day-job has just been cut back to a 4-day work week
  • a former co-worker tragically passed away
  • more pregnancy side-effects have me just utterly exhausted
  • with a series of thunderstorms over the weekend, we are still Internet-less at home (well, it's sporadic to say the least)
  • we are missing our living room window, 15 stories above ground, thanks to what seems like debris/lead piping flying off the roof of the building next door during 115 km winds from one of the storms over the weekend

Yeah. So, as I try to get back to somewhat of a normal drama-free week, I'm going to leave you with some link love today. These always put a smile on my face, which is MUCH needed today!

Photographer, Anna Kern (as seen in the images in this post)

Stationary, CarolinePad

Montreal Shop, Moutarde Decor

Free Art Project, Feed Your Soul

new Toronto hotel (gorgeous decor, very shi-shi), Thompson Hotels

all images in this post from anna kern

I will have happier, more cheerful posts this week, I promise! :-)

April 22, 2009

Make+Do: The Craft Blog {from Canadian Living magazine}

Probably one of the oldest print magazines in Canada for women is Canadian Living. I have a personal connection to this magazine, as my own mother worked for them for a number of years when I was a teenager ( a long long time ago ). I've had a connection to them ever since!

I frequent their website pretty much weekly, and today I just discovered that have just started a craft blog! Make + Do: The Craft Blog was just launched yesterday, written by Canadian Living's resident craft expert, Austen Gilliland.

image from Canadian Living

This is so exciting, I can't wait to see what Austen has in store for us all!

Anthropologie is OPEN in Toronto!

I have been waiting for this all year! Anthopologie just opened their first Canadian store here in Toronto, and the new gorgeous Shops at Don Mills. My first visit to the store (in person) was just this past fall while I was visitnig family in Colorado, and let me tell you it was LOVE at first sight.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the press preview opening last night due to a staff meeting at my day job, however, i'm hearing that it was well worth the drive.

Hmmmm. Guess what i'm doing this weekend? :-)

all images above copyright/courtesy of Arren Williams

April 21, 2009

Link Love {paper*crown}

YowzA! Major eye candy alert!

Enter Sarah Ahearn, blogger at paper*crown, (and my e-course classmate) and mixed media painter extraordinaire! You have probably seen her work before on other design blogs, and maybe even in some craft/art magazines out there?

all images from sarah ahearn

You can find Sarah, and her work all over the place.....start visiting.....NOW! tee-hee.

Etsy Shop
Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
Artstream Gallery, Rochester, NH
Paper N Stitch
Real Simple Simply Stated
Studios Magazine
Squam Art Workshops

Sarah, you're a busy bee aren't you!

April 20, 2009

do ya love it or what???

OK, so I've been meaning to do this for like EVER. I have created a new header for DecorAddict. What do you think? Be HONEST!!!!


Brooklyn Flea

I’ve had a fantasy for about the past 15 years about living in a foreign city. A lot of people have this same dream, but most dream of a Paris Apartment, or a beach house in Thailand. My international residency would be in New York City. Not that I could ever afford it, so I think Brooklyn would be more manageable. Not to mention isn’t Brooklyn THE cool place to be these days? Affordable housing (compared to Manhattan), cool new restaurants, and just an edgier hipper vibe than NYC.

I’ll often visit local websites/blogs written specifically for residents of NYC and the neighbouring boroughs, just to peek into the culture and the lifestyle. Yes, the city that I live, Toronto has it’s own vibe to it, but I must tell you, there is NOTHING like standing in the middle of times square at midnight, any day of the week. There is this energy that I just can’t compare to ANYTHING else.

I was made aware of a new staple in Brooklyn this week, the Brooklyn Flea. An urban outdoor market that takes place every Saturday & Sunday from April to December. The market was launched last spring by friends Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler, who also author the Brooklyn real estate/renovation blog, Brownstoner. With over 150 vendors offering everything from vintage clothing, antiques, collectibles, new jewelry, local artisans, and amazing food, this market is truly one of a kind, unlike any other, anywhere.

image from Brooklyn Flea

Lucky for us, some of their vendors are available online, so we can virtually visit portions of this market any time we’d like, all year round. I will make it to Brooklyn one day however, I surely will.

Kumquat Cupcakery
website, blog

images from Kumquat Cupcakery

LOOK AT THESE! Besides from being absolutely adorable, they are delicious! Or so I hear. The next time someone from the GTA is in Brooklyn/NYC on a weekend, please grab me some (this means you Stephanie!). I must try these! Yummy!

Alison Tauber
website, blog, Etsy

image from Alison Tauber

The perfect chance to meet an see an Etsy seller up close and personal. Alison screen prints her own fabrics transforming them into handmade pillows, crafts, and clothing. She offers custom work a well. Gorgeous!

image from Alison Tauber

Not enough eye candy for you? You can visit the full vendor list of the Brooklyn Flea here.

April 19, 2009

Arren Williams {stylist extraordinaire!}

You've probably heard of Arren Williams, Canadian Stylist extraordinaire? No? Well, be prepared, he's already taking the country by storm, who knows where he'll end up next.

Arren describes himself as a freelance stylist, editor and trend reporter, his work appearing in many Canadian publications such as Flare, Canadian Family, as well as being a regular guest expert on CityTV's CityLine.

His "style" is so eclectic, appealing not only to the jet-set uber crowd, but also to the more common everyday family. Here is a brief selection of some of his work below:

Magazine: Home Depot Dreambook
Art Director: Brenda Van Ginkel

Magazine: Style at Home
Art Director: Susan Rogers
Photographer: Yvonne Duivenvoorden

Magazine: Flare
Art Director: Tanya Watt
Photographer: Donna Griffith

Magazine: Home Depot Dreambook
Art Director: Brenda Van Ginkel

Magazine: Canadian House & Home
Art Director: Maarten Sluyter
Photographer: Angus Fergusson

Magazine: Chatelaine
Art Director: Caren Watkins
Photographer: Luis Albuquerque

Arren, if you're out there reading this, can you come to my house? Please? ;-)

April 17, 2009

Phew. {more Link Love}

Happy Friday everyone!

I thought I'd keep today's post sweet and simple today, since it's the start of the weekend, and everyone is winding down and getting ready for a relaxing weekend (hopefully!).

image from Design Evolution

Is the weather starting to get nice and warm where you are today? It's a balmy 20C here in Toronto today, the first real "shorts & sandals" day, and I'm thinking a nice long walk after dinner will be in order tonight, as long as it's not interfering with Prison Break (tee-hee).

image from Luxe Earth

You all know that I've been participating in an e-course on blogging for the past 2 weeks, right? Well, I just have to say that this has been the most AMAZING experience for me. Not only have I listened to myself, my true self, I've listened to others, and I'm meeting some fabulous people along the way.

image from fresh 365

I've already talked about some of my fellow classmates this week in my Link Love series, and I hope that you have enjoyed these new blogs as much as I have.

image from Visual Notes

I feel as if I'm a bit over saturated at the moment, with all the information from our class, and all the new friends and blogs that I'm finding, that I thought I'd let you explore some of these new blogs for yourself! Not all are design blogs, but all are worthy nonetheless.

The Red Thread

Luxe Earth

fresh 365

Design Evolution

Visual Notes

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, get some rest, as I will, to get ready for another exciting week here at DecorAddict.

image from The Red Thread

April 16, 2009

Colour! {mood board}

I absolutely LOVE this bold colour scheme. I found this via the ColourLovers site. Have you ever visited it before? It’s tres cool, with sooo many colour palettes to choose from that are created by it’s members or by the ColourLovers staff. Absolutely delicious and yummy!

image from colourlovers

Raspberry sorbet anyone? Tee-hee! That is a GORGEOUS colour!

IF and I mean IF i had the guts, I would absolutely apply this colour scheme to my own home. If I wasn’t expecting in 12 weeks, I would be at the paint store now deciding on one or maybe more of these to paint our apartment.

Too bold you say? Hmmm. Maybe this will make you think again:

image by decoraddict

clockwise, from top left; lanterns-Anthropologie, India ink curtains-Anthropologie, spine wood bookcase-West Elm, fiery dawn rug-Anthropologie, trollsta sideboard-Ikea, Jules side tables-Crate and Barrel, cascara coffee table-Anthropologie, fruiteria lamp-Anthropologie, Martine sofa-Crate and Barrel, sui generis frame-Anthropologie, bird-Anthropologie

I'm not sure which of these 5 shades I'd go with ultimately for the walls. Because it's so saturated, I'd probably choose 1-2 feature walls and go with 1 or 2 of the 2 brightest shades, the remaining walls a nice bright white. This will make these gorgeous brights pop!

Sigh. Maybe I'll have this guts this fall to take the plunge. Hmmm....now I'm thinking I just might.........

What do you think? Are you scared of colour? Do you use it sparingly, or wherever you can?

April 15, 2009

Getting Organized {3 easy tips!}

I don't know about you, but 99% of the time, I'm totally unorganized. I usually think that I can keep track of everything in my head, without even writing it down. I think I know where everything is, then when I go to look for it, I can't find it, or I'm scared to look for it with the fear that I won't be able to find it. For example, my passport. I know I keep it in a particular place, but I'm scared to look to make sure it's there, just in case it's not there, as if it's not there I will totally freak out, go ballistic, and literally turn into a puddle of tears.

With our bundle of joy on the way in less than 12 weeks now, (OMG!), I'm terrified I won't be able to even find the diapers in the chaos of those first few days/weeks, so, I'm going to stop procrastinating and am going to start doing! Our home office could use some help too.

Here are a few organizing tips that I find useful, and thought that I'd share with you today.

1. Look Up! Before my husband and I moved into our current 2 bedroom condo, we lived in a tiny loft, with no doors. The only place we had to put our stuff was up, or on the walls! If you lack floor space, or have simply run out of room elsewhere, look at wall shelving, or tall furniture items. Don't forgot that spot on top of your armoire or kitchen cabinets either, it's a great please for items you need to access on a not-too-often basis.

image from Dwell

2. Sizable options. If your living room is tiny, don't buy an overstuffed 3-seater sofa or sectional. If your living room is HUGE, buy a larger than average piece. But your furniture to match the size of your room. Small spaces = condo-sized furniture. Large Spaces = multiple pieces.

image from Style At Home

3. Hidden space. Under the bed, or under the sofa are awesome places to store out of season clothing, board games, the kids toys, or anything that comes to mind that can be flat packed. These spaces are easily accessible to the kids as well.

Do you have any simple and easy organizational or storage solutions at your home? Please feel free to comment below, I'd love to hear what everyone has to say, and hey, we can all learn from each other, right?

Link Love {Gathering Spriggs}

Don't you just love it when 2 or more people collaborate to create something? This is the case with today's blog, Gathering Spriggs. "An artistic collaboration between Eve Peach and Heather Spriggs Thompson". Don't you wish your name was Eve Peach? Adorable.

Gathering Spriggs is one part online shop, and one part online gallery feature. I'm so happy I found this blog via my e-course! These 2 beauties gather inspiration from nature to create new re purposed handmade items for your own personal environment. They have also created a sense of community at Gathering Spriggs drawing together artists, customers, and crafters together by showcasing works of new artists and crafters at Gathering Spriggs.

all images above from Gathering Spriggs

I was peeking at their Flickr page as well, and Heather has uploaded some pics of her home, absolutely beautiful here.

Did you know that Heather also runs her own faux finishing business entitled Heather Thompson Faux Finishing? I'm not talking chicken's, roosters, and sponge painting here. I'm talking elegance and old world style at it's best! Where does she find the time?

all images above from Heather Thompson Faux Finishing

A few years ago when I was looking for a job change, I once applied to be a "faux finishing apprentice". Unfortunately for me the job was filled very quickly. Hmm...wonder what could of been?

Last but not least, Eve Peach is a very talented accomplished fibre artist exhibiting and working in Nashville, TN.

all images above from Eve Peach

Is everyone enjoying my new finds this week? Let me tell you that I'm continuing to be totally inspired each and every day by my classmates. I hope you are being inspired by my new friends as well!

April 14, 2009

Angela Liguori {house tour love and more}


Wow, wow, wow.

Most of you know that one of my favorite aspects, or feature of the top design blogs out there are the house tours. I just can't get enough of them. The best part about them? They are REAL home, of REAL people. Ninety-nine percent of the house tours featured on Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge are those of their own readers. You can't get any better than that.

One that stuck out to me this week was the home of Angela Liguori, featured on Design*Sponge this week.

images from Design*Sponge

Eclectic comes to mind, with a little bit of whimsy thrown in. You see that turquoise stool next to the sofa? I have a bench like that. It's gray. Ick. Boring. Maybe i'll have to paint it turquoise. :-) You can visit the full house tour here.

Angela not only has a beautiful home; she is also a graphic designer, and is extremely talented. Stemming from Rome, Italy her company Carta, Inc. designs custom stationary invitations, business cards, and hand-bound books. She has also just recently added a line of cotton ribbons imported directly from Rome. Bella! Bella!

I also love that fact that she not only makes and designs there beautiful wares, but she also teaches workshops on how to make your own. Don't you just love it when talented artisans share their talent with the rest of us? *sigh*, now I only wish I lived in Boston so I could take a class!

To find out more about Angela, you can read her interview here via the Squam Workshops site here, visit Angela firsthand at her blog here, or her Etsy shop here.

Here are some of my favorite's from here Etsy shop. Happy browsing!

image from Angela Liguori

Thank you, thank you very much! {Design To Inspire}

I know I'm a day behind in posting this, but did everyone have a good Easter? Lots of chocolate and bunnies and Easter egg hunting?

I had quite the surprise on Friday when I awoke. I discovered that this little ole blog, DecorAddict, was mentioned no the Design To Inspire Easter Reading Guide! WOW!

So grateful, so thankful, so exciting!

April 13, 2009

Link Love {Parallel Botany}

I’ve been participating in an online e-course for the past week being taught by the totally awesome Holly Becker of decor8. So far, it has been a fabulous experience. I am learning so much, not only about myself, but about blogging in general, that will in turn only make DecorAddict better, not only for me, but for all my loyal readers as well.

There are about 200 participating in the class from all over the world, and i’m meeting some fabulous online friends, and finding some great new blogs out there as well.

I thought that over the remaining 3 weeks of the course, that I'd share a few of my classmates blogs with each of you. There is some awesome undiscovered talent out there, and not just of the design blog variety.

One that immediately stuck out to me is Parallel Botany. Lisa, the writer of Parallel Botany is a New Yorker (love her already), and uses Parallel Botany as her "show and tell" of all the things she finds and loves online, and elsewhere.

image from Parallel Botany

Lisa also runs an Etsy shop, containing absolutely gorgeous and original paper goods, pins, pendants, and so much more eye candy if I continue i'll have to wring out my laptop.

images from parallel botany

from top, shuggie accent pillow, handmade paper envelopes, plaid puffpad, translucent Love note Blank Card

Aren't her items just precious? Can you see why I had to share her blog and shop with you today? Keep up the amazing work Lisa. You're fabulous!

April 9, 2009

Wish You Were Here

I know I said I was signing off for the weekend, but I just received the nicest email from Fiona and Ben over at Wish You Were Here in the UK. Have I mentioned before how must I love UK designers and illustrators? I think in a past life I must have been English, and over the past few years I just can't get enough of the lifestyle and culture there.

Any who, back on to topic, Wish You Were Here (WYWH) was created by Fiona and Ben O'Brien (aka Ben the Illustrator), a husband and wife team based in the UK. With Fiona's background in advertising, and a knack for design, ideas, interiors, and Ben's awesome talent as an illustrator, they've collaborated together to create and build WYWH!

The WYWH concept was to "create a brand of illustrated functional items that the house proud, design conscious could enjoy in their home" . Check out some of their amazing graphic art prints below!

"We wanted a way for people to enjoy the optimism and vibrancy of Ben's illustrations in the comfort of their own home, and better still be able to use the items everyday!. Our aim is to produce beautifully conceived prints and products that retain our eco and humanitarian ethics, envelope them in Ben’s awe-inspiring, colourful illustrations creating the perfect combination of function and beauty".

"We understand that times are a little more difficult out there at the moment so we wanted to create uplifting artwork that offered people affordable escapism from their everyday grind. In a time where expensive, luxury escapes are not as possible, the aim of WYWH is to bring those beautiful, far away, idyllic places directly to you, beautifying your home in the process!"

Wish You Were Here
Ben the Illustrator

Ben's Flickr page
Fiona's Flickr page
Fiona's Blog

all images from WYWH

Heart Handmade, and Happy Easter!!!

One of my favorite blogs is Heart Handmade, run by the lovely Marichelle.

The awesome folks over at Etsy have invited her to host their next Shop Live event, TODAY, Thursday April 9th, at 7pm EST, via webcam. She's decided to call it the 30 minute sale!

a short description:

"Thirty products from 30 different artists, handpicked by me! Each artist has provided at least one listing/item specially priced for this 30-Minute SHOP LIVE sale event. Registered users can save up to 25% on regular prices and free shipping on select items. Some of the artists are even having all day sales in celebration of the event - stay tuned for details, I'll be posting about their special deals tomorrow morning so you can get your shop on early!"

Visit Etsy asap to sign up and to particiate in this event.


I'm signing off early for the week, tomorrow is Good Friday, and luckily I have the day off! I've been madly loving the e-course that I'm participating in that started this week, taught by the lovely Holly from decor8, entitles "Blogging Your Way". I'm learing so much already, and I hope all of you will be able to appreciate the benefits this e-course will bring to DecorAddict in the future!

image from 2 guys in Poznan

See you all on Monday,

April 8, 2009

Etsy Love {Red Hot Pottery}

I'm a sucker for ceramics.

LOVING this Etsy shop, Red Hot Pottery I discovering whilst checking out the Somewhere in Middle America blog.

White on White vase, $24

Large Curvy Mug, $22

Colander with dish, $48

White Birds, $18

Organic Bud Vase, $25