January 30, 2009

Grippiks Surface Accents

This is so cool. Dress up your favorite Ikea pieces.

image via Apartment Therapy

Online Workshop {Unravelling}

Thanks to Holly over at Decor8 for cluing me in to this amazing online creative workshop.

Find all the details here.

image from Unravelling: Ways of Seeing Myself

Inspired By Anastasis Apartments {Santorini, Greece}

I am lucky that I have had the pleasure if visiting the island of Santorini twice in my life. It is simply breathtaking.

I stumbled across this hotel today while reading emails for my day job, and it instantly cheered me up. I'd LOVE to transform my future backyard into a Grecian oasis, much like this one.

Take a virtual vacation to Santorini, at the Anastasis Apartments.

all photos from Anastasis Apartments

January 29, 2009

Love This! {Pedlars UK}

NO, I'm not sick of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" mantra that is still appearing everywhere, this time on a rug!

rug from Pedlars UK

I'm blown away by this shop, their wares are just so different, why is it we can't have more web shops like this in Canada? There is a need for this stuff! More favorites below.....


copper bowls

woodweave floor map, choose from London, Paris, or New York

January 28, 2009

It's a sad, SAD, day today. Domino Magazine to close.

As reported on MediaWeek,

"Condé Nast made the long-expected decision to close Domino, the publishing company's three-year-old, hip shelter magazine. The March issue will be the last. The editor and publisher, Deborah Needleman and Beth Brenner, will leave the company. Some staffers are expected to be placed elsewhere in the company."

No more website either. So sad. Sniff.

January 26, 2009

gorgeous wall wear {neawear}

I really need to pick up some knitting or a cross stitch project soon. The stresses of moving and pregnancy have me walking into walls, and I desperately need to calm down.

The following work by cross-stitcher Janick (neawear) from Montreal, is truly inspiring me. I just have to share.

Puffed Heart, $32

Teeny Hearties, $40

Flora, $75

Pink Poppy, $42

January 23, 2009

bookhue now open in Toronto!!!

Yay!! Visit the new bookhue shop at 798 Dundas Street West in Toronto.

Etsy Affordable Art Love.....

belongs to you, from johnwgolden shop

Ballerine, from jeremisavoie shop

God's Gift, from paintallnightstudios shop

Midnight Tree, by PaintingPrints

January 19, 2009

Moving Woes

We're moved in. Well, all our stuff is here. Ask me if anything is unpacked? NO. Why you ask? Because we're too exhausted. You see, our movers never showed up this past Saturday. No phone call, nothing. After attempting to call them well over 30 times, I finally got someone 3 hours after they were supposed to arrive, and all I got was a "I'm sorry, we're having truck problems". SO PICK UP THE PHONE AND LET US KNOW YA (*(^%%$^%$%^%&^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Not impressed. Luckily, we have the best friends in the entire world, who were there within an hour to help us load the 19 foot truck best-hubby-in-the-world managed to scrounge up last minute.

A LOT of beer and Pizza later, we are moved in. Barely.


I'm a bit "disheveled" at the moment, and we'll be back to blogger once I can clear a space off the desk/sofa for me to sit down for a bit and actually write a decent post. Standing in the kitchen is NOT the way to do it.

January 14, 2009

Anthropologie is coming to Toronto!

Yes, you heard it correctly. I am over the moon!!!! Scheduled opening is Spring 2009 in the Yorkville area of Toronto (not sure I agree with the location).

I can't wait!!!! Now I can stop drooling on the laptop shopping online! Yay!

January 9, 2009


Happy Friday everyone! My hubby and I are moving next weekend, so the next week will be notably crazy as we pack up everything we own and move into a bigger place to make room for the bambino-to-be. Posting will be a little bit sporadic over the next week or so, but i'll be checking in as much as I can!

Happy Weekend!

January 8, 2009

Armoires? A thing of the past? Think again.

Now that tube TVs are pretty much non-existent with flat screens coming down in price over the past year, what is everyone doing with their armoires?

Domino magazine has a great photo gallery listing absolutely gorgeous armoires for almost any storage issue. You can use one as a portable linen closest, a home office, or as a makeshift china cabinet.

I have one. I'm currently using it as a storage closet due to lack of built in closet space in our tiny loft. An armoire is a good thing, not an eyesore.

See the full Gallery here, and here are a couple snippets of my own personal favorites.

images above from Domino

Nursery Inspiration

With our new arrival on the way, I've been sourcing for the new nursery. I've already picked the paint colour, Behr's River Rock, a mellow, neutral blue/gray that would work regardless of our new family member being a girl or a boy.

Here are some photos that I've collected recently of nurseries. Aren't they just adorable?

image from House to Home UK

image from House to Home UK

image from House to Home UK

image from House to Home UK

image from House to Home UK

image from Domino

image from Domino

image from Domino

image from Domino

image from Domino

January 7, 2009

French Bedroom Company UK

Unfortunately, this shop doesn't deliver to Canada and the USA directly, however they will ship to a 3rd party locally, or to a freight forwarder, so it is not entirely impossible!

What I love most about the French Bedroom Company is the photography. Simply divine, whimsical, almost like a fairy tale, don't you think? Absolutely stunning.

{all images from French Bedroom Company UK}

January 6, 2009

DIY - Custom Magazine Files via AT

LOVE these magazine files you can make yourself here, courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

image from apartment therapy

Huset Kids

Sourcing for a nursery, no, not for a client, for me!!! Yes, it's true, we're expecting in early July. Wow!

Expect this to be the first of many for nursery decor and "stuff" in general.

all items above from Huset Kids.
all images above from Huset.

January 5, 2009

NY Times: Design Loves a Depression

A must read, here.

LOVE pillowhappy

On the hunt for new throw pillows? All of these from Etsy seller PillowHappy would work great in any room, my favorites are the coral and starfish motifs. I've had a thing for starfish since my husband and I were married in the Caribbean last year (omg, last year already?).

clockwise, from top left; modern poppy, $50; fall tree, $50;
modern flower, $50; pear pair, $16; willowpillow, $60;

clockwise from top left; starfish, coral, or sanddollar, $50 each; modern guitar, $25;
scrabble, $60; eggplant pair, $16; little pink bird, $35; little pines collection, $47

January 2, 2009

Trying something new, blogging from Word 2007

This is kind of a test post, I'm trying out Word 2007's blogging feature to basically see what it can and cannot do. I have no idea how this is going to work, or even how it's going to work. So far though, I prefer typing out my post in word instead of that tiny little box in Blogger that is like 2 inches x 4 inches – note to blogger, make this box bigger!!! That is my one major pet-peeve about blogger, otherwise I love it.

The DecorAddict Flickr group is growing! We have some new pics uploaded by michelleverd, check them out below (hopefully these pics will upload!)

all images from michelleverd

Thanks Michelle!

(Note - uploading photos from Flickr to Word 2007 doesn't seem to work...hmm....any suggestions anyone? Looks like I'll have to upload photos directly from Blogger, anyone know an easier way from word? I'd rather not store my photos on my hard drive...gotta save space!)