October 31, 2008

Scary Stuff {via Etsy}

Today's the day for ghost's and goblin's. Here's a short-list of the best sites for Halloween inspiration this year. Boo !!!

Martha Stewart
Creature Comforts

October 30, 2008

Tonic Home: lighting

I've been looking for pendant lamps and/or chandeliers recently, and stumbled upon these new pieces at Tonic Home.

There are quite expensive, and completely out of my price range, but I had to share the love anyways. Maybe there's some way to DIY these? Absolutely gorgeous!

October 29, 2008

New Releases from The Poster List

It seem's like forever since the last release of The Poster List, with their ever popular Keep Calm and Rock On print.

Here are the last 3 prints, just released this week, and available for purchase here.

RikRak, a.k.a. Kristal Davis

Canada's own, Kristal Davis, a.k.a. rikrak is a featured seller on Etsy this week! You can read the feature here.

I've been a fan of Kristal's pieces for some time now, here are some of my favorites......

bedsheet magnets...fabric magnet fridge set of 2, $5

vintage recycled fabric quilt coasters - set of 4, $14

dreamy eye pillowette...the sweet mint....flaxseed and french lavender relaxing sachet, $15

Walloper Wall Decals: Toronto Transit series

Perfect for transportation junkies, Walloper has release these funky new wall decals reminiscent of a few of the more famous subway stops here in the big smoke.

There are 41 designs in all, started at $25. You can buy them from Walloper directly, here.

Such a cute idea !

October 28, 2008

Budget Book Love: Domino & Handmade Nation

I’m a sucker for impulse shopping. I see something I want, hold it in my hands, smell it, and buy it! This past weekend, I resisted temptation while at Chapter’s (large bookstore chain in Canada). I went in to scout out some new design books, some international design glossies, and the cookbook section. I found everything I was looking for, but, the only thing I walked out of the store with was the new issue of Domino magazine, UK shelter magazine Ideal Home (wow! More about this amazing magazine later in the week), and a book from the clearance section called Scandinavian Modern Home, by Elizabeth Wilhide. The only reason I walked out with the later, was because it was only $25 Canadian, at over 50% off the regular price.

I almost gave in to temptation and bought the new Domino book, I had it in my hands, and was practically drooling over it, but I remembered a post I read on decor8 last week about decorating on a budget .... I held my breath, and put the book back on the shelf telling myself to wait until I got home to check the price on Amazon. I am sooo happy I did! In-store, the book was $37.00 Canadian. Online, it was only $23.00 Canadian! That’s almost 40% off the list price! I was so happy, that I bought another book on my wish list, Handmade Nation, regularly $27.95 Canadian bought online for only $18.00 Canadian! That’s 35% off! I’ve never really thought twice about buying a book online vs. in store, nor did I realize the savings involved.

The post on decor8 got me thinking about how I could cut back to save money, nothing too drastic, but maybe only 1 trip to Starbuck’s per week instead of every morning, bringing my lunch to work, and recycling more stuff, such as gift bags and ribbon. This will help me save up for the new sofa we will be buying from Crate and Barrel this January.

You may have noticed a new link in the DecorAddict Elseware section of the page, the link is DecorAddict Books! Yes, that’s right, you can buy the latest design books online here at DecorAddict!

What design books have you been buying or have on your wishlist? What design magazines are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you!

October 27, 2008

Vote For DecorAddict via DivineCaroline !!!

DecorAddict has been nominated for a Love This Site award, by Divine Caroline.

Click the button above to vote for DecorAddict!

And, that's enough shameless plugs for the day.

Bride & Wolfe

There photo's are self explanatory. You can read more about Bride & Wolfe here, and get all their goodies here.

(all images above from Bride & Wolfe)

October 26, 2008

Spreading the House Tour Love, from Apartment Therapy

Yet anouther house tour i'm obsessing over on AT today, see the full tour here.

images from Apartment Therapy

October 24, 2008

NEW Flickr Group, DecorAddict's YOUR house

DecorAddict has just opened a new Flickr group, you can visit and join the group here.

The purpose of this new group is to encourage all to upload and share their own personal spaces, whether it be your home, office, or even your backyard, we want to see it! Some of the best design ideas are not always found in decorating magazines, but through word of mouth, in this case by sharing photos with each other.

Happy uploading, and happy friday! I'll be back at the start of the week with lots more for everyone.

BlogLove: A Fanciful Twist

I honestly can't remember how I found A Fanciful Twist, but it's worth sharing with everybody! Vanessa Valencia makes all kinds of art from paintings, mixed media pieces, paper dresses, art dolls, jewelry, illustations, pottery, the list goes on and on!

image from A Fanciful Twist

It makes me fell all girly and pink. Warm fuzzies all around!

October 23, 2008

A Love Affair With Morocco

My love for Morocco began back in college, while researching my grad-project. My assignment was to research and plan in full, a customized group tour of a country of my choice. I'm not sure why, but I chose Morocco.

My research led me into back alleyways full of hand dyed fabric drying in the sun, to spice markets, and sand dunes as far as the eye can see.

(flickr image from N_Creatures)

(flickr image from marghe00)

Moroccan decor is THE current trend right now, it's showing up everywhere from interior design blogs (like this one), and National design mags everywhere. As it should be.

(flickr image from mymarrakesh)

There are numerous Moroccan decor shops opening on the web, due the huge increase in popularity, here are some of the shops that tempt me, I love them all!


pouf, serving tray, teapot, towels, floor cushions, and lantern, all from lesouk
(images above from

Marrakesh Design
wall sconces, all from Marrakesh Design
(images above from Marrakesh Design)

Just Morocco
moorish, and moroccan tiles, all from Just Morocco
(images above from
Just Morocco)

Berber Trading

glassware, all from Berber Trading
(images above from Berber Trading)

Another excellent shop for Moroccan, and other "ethnic" interiors is Overstock's Worldstock Market, hundred's and hundred's of affordable home goods and accessories from all of the world. Thank goodness they are finally shipping to Canada !


October 22, 2008

Urban Outfitters NEW Favorite's Shop

Love love LOVE Urban Outfitter's new stuff! My favorites are below, but you can see all of the favorites courtesy of their online store found here.

clockwise from top left, "Around The World" illuminated globe, "Wizard of Oz" glass, Wall Art by Noferin, Lost Kubrick, Haruki bench/coffee table

clockwise from top left, mid-century sofa in pistachio, Speedball Screen Print kit, mid-century chair, Crosley Nomad portable speaker

(all images above from Urban Outfitters)

Kiwi Punch Designs

The very first member of the new DecorAddict Flickr group, YOUR house is Kiwi Punch Designs. Kiwi Punch has an Etsy Shop, a blog, and a website. Busy girl Catherine!

Beautiful work!

October 21, 2008

NEW !!!! DecorAddict's Flickr Group, YOUR house

DecorAddict has just opened a new Flickr group, you can visit and join the group here.

The purpose of this new group is to encourage all to upload and share their own personal spaces, whether it be your home, office, or even your backyard, we want to see it! Some of the best design ideas are not always found in decorating magazines, but through word of mouth, in this case by sharing photos with each other.

Happy uploading !

Trend Tuesday: Japanese Pop

I'm loving EQ3's Japanese Pop collection of home accessories this fall, adorable, cute, and colourful, any one of these pieces would add just the perfect amount of whimsy to any space.

top row, Japanese punk dolls, $15 ea
middle row, Pick-Up-Sticks Chopstick Set $11/pair, SAKURA Queen Duvet Set $100, Fuji Medium Planter $40 ea
bottom row, Crane Pillow $25, Daishi Decorative Ball (large) $6, KEIO Medium Box $20

These decorative accessories led me on a search for some homes in Asia.....

full house tour via Apartment Therapy, Jerry & Catherine's Small Space Style
(image from Apartment Therapy, via Jerry Tong)

Does anyone remember the movie Pretty in Pink? Anyone remember Iona's apartment? I LOVED that apartment. It too had hits of Asian influences. So bohemian, so cute!

See what Happy Mundane has to say about the interiors of Pretty in Pink.

If all this is just little too much for you, however you still want to inject some Japanese or Asian style, the easier way to do this is through wall art. Here are some of my personal favorites from Art.com. It doesn't take much, just one piece.

I'm going to stop here, as if I don't I'll be up all night posting photo after photo of amazing ideas for your home with Asian and/or Japanese influences. There are oodles of idea's all over the web, and on various blogs as well. Happy surfing, and feel free to share with us what you found, and what your favorites are!

October 20, 2008

i heart Simrin

Very tranquil serving-ware found on Elsewares, delicious.

October 19, 2008

Color 101, why you eat the large fries instead of the small

I have been holding on to a Pier 1 gift card for a few months, as the past few times I've been in the store, nothing in particular jumped out at me saying "buy me!". Today, was a different story as I walked out with 3 new throw pillow's for our living room; navy, hunter green, and ivory with a blue coral pattern. Now I have too many throw pillows (8 in total), but that's for another post for another day :-)

I started to think about why and how we're drawn to certain colors, and it took me back to my first day in design school during our color theory 101 class. Ever color carries with it a tendency, feeling, it's own personality. A certain color you wear can actually change your core body temperature. Yes, I know it's hard to believe but its true.

For example, for about the past year or so, I've been decorating our main floor, living/dining room in a combination of blue, green, and even dark purple accents. I've chosen the blue and green simply because both provide a calm, relaxed, clean feeling, in any room. The purple is found only on a candle I have, mixed in with some other neutrals, but it's just enough for the space.

Every color provides a feeling, and even a purpose. Here's a short list of the more popular colors, have a look, and maybe you are choosing that fuchsia slipper chair for a reason.

Cool Colors: blue, green, turquoise, silver

All of these colors have a very calm, and relaxed feeling to them, and are often used in that applications, such as in bedrooms, ocean-side hotels, and outdoors on front porches and patios.

These same colors can provide the opposite feeling as well, cold and impersonal, sometimes blue, or "feeling blue" is associated with depression. No, I'm not saying that if you paint your house blue you'll become depressed, but for a persona that has a very busy and hectic lifestyle, painting a room the right shade of blue, or the right combination of cool colors can provide that person with the space they need to unwind, and relax.

I think I started to use blue's and green's to calm down our own home. My husband and I have very busy lifestyles and our home is where we relax and wind down. Just the right shade of blue helps us do that.

Warm Colors: red, pink, yellow, gold, orange

Warm colors are exciting, bright, and happy. If you were to wear a red sweater, or t-shirt, your core body temperature would actually increase. Red instills confidence, power, and boldness. My mother always told me to put a red sweater on if I was down in the dumps to help to lift my spirits, the scary part, is that it usually works.

Orange is known as a stimulant..it motivates emotions and even your appetite. Ever wonder why the Harvey's fast food chain in Canada had orange decor for so many years? Do you wonder how the small fries you wanted initially turned into a large? With gravy? That's right, orange makes you hungry.

Mixed Cool/Warm Colors: Purple, lavender, green, turquoise

This color group can be used in almost any space, as it will go almost anywhere holding both cool and warm color attributes. These colour both warm and excite the senses.

Turquoise makes me think of the Caribbean sea, but also the warm sun the Caribbean provides.

Neutral Colours: black, brown, gray, white, beige, ivory

These colors, I will admit are ones that I am most comfortable with, but in what I wear, and in my own personal home.

All of our furniture is neutral; khaki sofa, dark brown coffee table, dark brown dining set, etc. These colours to me are very natural, and remind me of the outdoors.

Neutrals help us to focus on other colors in a space, and to even tone down colors that may be overpowering on their own. For example, you may have a large piece of artwork you would like as your focal point in a room, the artwork using a very bold colors such blood red, and burnt orange. If you pair that painting with a red sofa, the red in the painting will blend with the sofa, creating a softer impact than if you paired that artwork with a neutral colored sofa. The neutral sofa, in a neutral room would make that piece of artwork your focal point.


There are countless textbooks written on the theory of color, too many to count. All I can suggest, is when choosing a color, go with your gut, and go with what makes you happy. It's your home, and it should look & feel exactly the way YOU want it too.

all images above from Domino Magazine