October 28, 2008

Budget Book Love: Domino & Handmade Nation

I’m a sucker for impulse shopping. I see something I want, hold it in my hands, smell it, and buy it! This past weekend, I resisted temptation while at Chapter’s (large bookstore chain in Canada). I went in to scout out some new design books, some international design glossies, and the cookbook section. I found everything I was looking for, but, the only thing I walked out of the store with was the new issue of Domino magazine, UK shelter magazine Ideal Home (wow! More about this amazing magazine later in the week), and a book from the clearance section called Scandinavian Modern Home, by Elizabeth Wilhide. The only reason I walked out with the later, was because it was only $25 Canadian, at over 50% off the regular price.

I almost gave in to temptation and bought the new Domino book, I had it in my hands, and was practically drooling over it, but I remembered a post I read on decor8 last week about decorating on a budget .... I held my breath, and put the book back on the shelf telling myself to wait until I got home to check the price on Amazon. I am sooo happy I did! In-store, the book was $37.00 Canadian. Online, it was only $23.00 Canadian! That’s almost 40% off the list price! I was so happy, that I bought another book on my wish list, Handmade Nation, regularly $27.95 Canadian bought online for only $18.00 Canadian! That’s 35% off! I’ve never really thought twice about buying a book online vs. in store, nor did I realize the savings involved.

The post on decor8 got me thinking about how I could cut back to save money, nothing too drastic, but maybe only 1 trip to Starbuck’s per week instead of every morning, bringing my lunch to work, and recycling more stuff, such as gift bags and ribbon. This will help me save up for the new sofa we will be buying from Crate and Barrel this January.

You may have noticed a new link in the DecorAddict Elseware section of the page, the link is DecorAddict Books! Yes, that’s right, you can buy the latest design books online here at DecorAddict!

What design books have you been buying or have on your wishlist? What design magazines are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you!


Michelle said...

I took a lot away from that post on decor8 as well. Ever since Holly made her big move to Germany, my boyfriend and I have been talking more and more about the possibility of setting up a part time home in Greece (where his family is from and where he spent a lot of time as a child). That post got forwarded immediately to the bf because there are some were so many tid bits that we could apply to how we live in order to make our dream a possibility. I've definitely cut back on the coffee purchase and now I'm starting to look more closely at the furniture I thought I was going to replace to see what I could do to salvage, repurpose, etc.

p.s. just got the domino book too (on amazon) and loving it!

Michelle said...

forgot to add, love that sofa!

Will said...

I'm based in the UK and we have a fabulous interiors store called 'Habitat' - and I might just be in love with it! Anyhow, they have a great book called 'Love Your Home', with the forward by Tom Dixon. It's full of great tips and inspirational ideas. It's like my bible! :) Oh, and I love that sofa too!