September 29, 2008

I Heart Crate & Barrel, Yorkdale !!!

You know you have a good husband when he agrees to go furniture & home decor shopping with you. And even BETTER husband when it’s to Crate & Barrel’s 1st Canadian store, the 1st Saturday morning that it’s open, at one of Canada’s busiest mall’s, Yorkdale. When I awoke last Saturday, that’s all I could think of. Crate & Barrel is HERE !!!!! No more surfing their site online, or through the catalog that i’d never get! I can actually TOUCH it!!! See it with my own eye’s!!!! I know Paul was absolutely dreading it, as Yorkdale mall tends to be crazy busy, all the time, everyday, no matter what time of day. I actually try to avoid that particular mall if I can at all costs, but it always seems to be the 1st to get new stores, expat from the states, or elsewhere.

We arrived at 1045am, and I was shocked. We actually got a parking spot close to the entrance. That last time I was at Yorkdale, the closest spot was about a 10 minute walk away. Sheesh! Just before we opened the door of C&B, I stopped looked at Paul, and did a happy dance. YES, I know i’m pathetic, but I could NOT believe I was stepping into one of my favorite online stores for REAL!!!!

images by decoraddict

Within 2 minutes, Paul and I had picked out our entertainment unit and desk for our new place, which by the way we don’t have yet, nor have we really started looking yet either (oops! Hey, I like to plan ahead). C&B’s Sloane series of leaning pieces is PERFECT !!!!! We are loving the entire series, from the media stand, wine bar, bookcases, and desk. We want the entire thing!!!!!

images by decoraddict

The main floor of C&B contains the majority of their home accessories, kitchen, and tabletop goods, and the 2nd floor is devoted to furniture. I’m soooo glad I visited the store before purchasing the sofa I saw online. I had originally selected the “Steele” sofa, however seeing it in person, it seems almost like a bench and was very small scale. Not a good choice for us considering we are both quite tall. I think we’ve decided on our sofa purchase, which of course won’t be purchased until at least the new year once we’re in our new place, but we both fell in love with the “Petrie” sofa and ottoman, in a dark gray fabric. The fabric for this sofa is stain resistant; perfect as I tend to bit a bit of a clutz, and feel’s almost like a think canvas or a twill. It’s very sturdy which we both like. Sure, it’s quite modern, but the tufting softens it up a bit, and it’s quite comfortable. The ottoman we can use as either a coffee table with a tray on top, or as a footstool. It’s the perfect sofa for each of our taste’s. Paul like modern, and I like comfortable, and the Petrie is both! I’m so happy it’s here!

image by decoraddict, Petrie Sofa shown in photo is Natural, but we plan to order
the dark gray which can be seen online here along with all their other colours.

I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised by the store in general, their prices were very good, which I did not expect since it is an American company. C&B in Canada is definitely a good thing, there is something here for everybody, if you are on a budget, or have an unlimited budget; modern tastes and traditional tastes are throughout the store, yet everything seems to blend together quite nicely.

images from Crate & Barrel, Sloane series, and other finds I loved

I can't wait until the new year to arrive so I can shop to my hearts content!

What are some of your favorie design/decor stores? I'd love to hear from my reader's to see where they shop for their own home?


M Siddiqi said...

I was just there looking at the exact same pieces.

Thoughts a few months later on the Sloane and Petrie? My plan is to buy them in a couple weeks... eee!

Anonymous said...

Was the Steele sofa comfortable?