August 30, 2010

succulents {winsome hollow}

Plants and I have a love/hate relationship. I love plants. They die on me. Or I kill them. Not a good thing for either party.

Hence the reason for this and why I'm about to order 10 of these.

all images from winsome hollow

August 28, 2010

my paradissi

I found this wonderful beautiful gem of a blog this morning, by freelance architect Eleni, who lives on the Greek island of Crete.

I've been fortunate enough to visit the Greek Islands twice in my lifetime, but never made it to Crete. Maybe this wonderful blog will entice me back for a 3rd time!

You must visit My Paradissi

all photos from My Paradissi

August 27, 2010

fevers & migranes

The last couple of days have been a bit rough, actually this week has been a bit rough. The squirts sleeping schedule has been interrupted by teething - I think the pesky molars are coming through. It's that or she's coming down with something as she's been fighting a fever off and on as well.

Needless to say I've been home from work for the past 2 days, yesterday because the squirt was up from 11pm-4am fussing, and thus resulting in a major migrane for me, thus there was no way I could drive anywhere, so we stayed home.

This morning the squirt woke up with a temperature of 103, NOT good, so I made the call and decided to stay home again. I just can't leave my kid with her grandmother in that condition, not fair. Although my boss and co-workers are probably ready to kill me, but whatcha gonna do, right?

This morning after her brief 45 minute cat nap, her fever was gone and she was acting fine, so I decided to take her out to the park to get her some fresh air since we hadn't left the house in 2 days.

I think she knew that her window of feeling better was about to be cut short, as just after this shot was taken on the BB, she immediately ran up to me mumbling "Ma Ma Ma", and was out cold in the stroller in like 5 minutes, and she's still sleeping as I type; yes the stroller to crib transfer worked out.


Depending on how long she lasts napping today, I may actually get a change for a design related post! How about that people! Whoot Whoot!

August 24, 2010


.....this diy scrabble wall

.....these pendant lamps

.....this pillow

.....this mug

.....this polaroid

What are you loving this week?

Reality Bites (1994)....randomly, uh what?

I loved this movie. Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Stiller; his directorial debut (yes, I just looked that up on Wikipedia).

This movie was an iconic one for me. Not just for the storyline, but for the fashion, style, and vibe of the entire film. From the My Sharona scene in the gas station, to Lelaina's addiction to a telephone psychic, this movie epitomized my life at the time. Twenty something's, not knowing what the hell to do with their lives, or how to do it.

It was a time of grunge, flannel shirts, and Dr. Martens. I still have my pair. The pair I bought at a shop on Melrose Avenue on my 1st trip to L.A. in 1995.

You guys are probably wondering where i'm going with this...well, it all started on my drive home from work tonight, the new Smashing Pumpkins song was on the radio, and I started to think back of that time. I realized that that time was not so different from my time now. Well, in a weird sort of way. Back in '94 I had just graduated from college a year earlier, and was trying to find my way in the "real" world. Now, my daughter is just over a year old, and I'm once again trying to find my way in a even MORE real world.

It's made me realize that I need to pay more attention to what inspires me. Sometimes I have this little voice in the back of my head that shoots myself down, I can't really explain what exactly it is, but something keeps holding me back from what it is that I really should be doing, but yet I have no idea what that is exactly.

So, I find myself here, explaining all of this you guys, wondering if you understand what i'm talking about or if this is all just pure gibberish to you? Yeah, I know this post is totally random, and when I started it I was going to go into this whole style post about 90's fashion and decor trends and how I still like them but now it has just turned into something completely different.

Don't you hate it when that happens?

Ok, so now that I got that off my chest, stay tuned for some posts that are actual related to decor. :-)

August 22, 2010

the paint goddess sarah

Thank goodness..... my idol has finally put out her own paint line.

Thank you Sarah, you are my hero.

I am LOVING the pastel's, all the blue's, and all the lavender's. Hopefully this mean's that my life is calming down. Or I should just live in a purple world.

Sarah's paint collection is available here in Canada at Lowe's. Now go get 'em.

August 21, 2010

porch drapery

Those that know me well know that I love a porch. Well, actually I obsess over front porches. Always have, always will.

This probably stems from the fact that in the neighborhood I grew up in, it seemed every single house had this massive front porch. All my friends had one, but since we lived in an apartment, no porch.

My fellow Toronto blogger's, Aubrey + Lindsay have just implemented an aspect of their own front porch that seems to be an issue these days. Privacy. Usually when you have a porch, so do all of your neighbor's. Sit on your porch and look to the left or right and you can see through everyone else's porch, and see everyone else. A quick fix, install drapes. Huh? Not convinced? Have a peek-a-boo and now tell me what you think.



Pretty cool, eh? Not convinced yet?

How about now? Yeah, I thought so.

August 18, 2010


One of the benefits of my day job is I get to speak with people from all over the world. Today, I had the opportunity to speak with the CitizenM Hotel in Amsterdam. As I surprisingly hadn't heard of it before, I of course Google'd it, and voila, am blown away by this unique boutique hotel. And by the way, if you have heard of it before, I apologize, I've been knee deep in diaper's for the past 14 months.

A Prefab hotel. Yes, you read that correctly. PREFAB HOTELS. Each individual hotel room is constructed off site, then stacked together to create a building. Prefab homes, yes, but hotels?

Now, 3 locations, Amsterdam City Center, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and Glasgow, Scotland.

Check. It. Out.

Ok, you can close you mouth now. Could you close mine too?

another country

I'm being drawn towards more and more simple furniture lately. Another Country contemporary furniture makers are exactly what i'm "feeling" lately in the furniture department. If that makes any sense, yeah, I didn't think so either.

August 16, 2010

Oji & Design

I've been paying more attention to international designer's lately, especially those from Japan.

Oji & Design caught my eye this week. Love the simplicity of it all. Life needs more simplicity don't you think?

August 14, 2010

August 13, 2010


I know I said that i'd be back in September, but I couldn't wait until then! I missed you all, and this little place that I like to share my thoughts and inspirations.

I will be posting as often as I can, and about more things than what you are probably used to. I tried to keep Decor Addict centered around interior design/decor, handmade art, design, etc, but there was one aspect that I tried not to touch on, and that was fashion, and personal style. Well, I have to say that subject has recently become a huge part of my life, so I will be including personal style posts, although I will say not sure for how long. I'm tired of my boring wardrobe, so much so that half of it just went to goodwill, so as I restock...slowly mind you, I will be sharing with you my selections for my personal wardrobe re-do.

I need to keep the updated wardrobe VERY cost effective, ever since we've decided to tackle "the jars" for the next few months. Maybe I can share some saving tips to you all as well?

Also, just a quick "calling for submissions" mention as well, if you have any suggestions for me in the realms of fashion or style, please email me, I'd love to see them!

Trinny & Susannah, my favorite fashion/style guru's

Have an amazing Friday, and it's so good to be back!

August 12, 2010


I usually don't talk much about fashion online, but after donating almost half of my wardrobe to goodwill recently due to non wear, or wrong wear, i'm starting to pay attention to what I put on every day.

You all know, Toast, right? I mainly do for their home section, not so much for their fashion line, but I made the mistake of looking today, HUGE mistake, time to save up, especially for these things that i've bookmarked into my wishlist.

I think these pieces suit me, and my personality, I just hope they look just as good on, as they do in the catalog.


I had no idea this craft was referred to as quilling until today when I happened upon Ann Martin's blog last night.

This is such a delicate artform, I can imagine she is loyal customer of band-aid brand.

August 11, 2010

channelling my inner granny

I'm TERRIFIED to try quilting. Although this tutorial to make mini-quilts over at The Etsy's Storque blog makes it look not so intimidating.