August 27, 2010

fevers & migranes

The last couple of days have been a bit rough, actually this week has been a bit rough. The squirts sleeping schedule has been interrupted by teething - I think the pesky molars are coming through. It's that or she's coming down with something as she's been fighting a fever off and on as well.

Needless to say I've been home from work for the past 2 days, yesterday because the squirt was up from 11pm-4am fussing, and thus resulting in a major migrane for me, thus there was no way I could drive anywhere, so we stayed home.

This morning the squirt woke up with a temperature of 103, NOT good, so I made the call and decided to stay home again. I just can't leave my kid with her grandmother in that condition, not fair. Although my boss and co-workers are probably ready to kill me, but whatcha gonna do, right?

This morning after her brief 45 minute cat nap, her fever was gone and she was acting fine, so I decided to take her out to the park to get her some fresh air since we hadn't left the house in 2 days.

I think she knew that her window of feeling better was about to be cut short, as just after this shot was taken on the BB, she immediately ran up to me mumbling "Ma Ma Ma", and was out cold in the stroller in like 5 minutes, and she's still sleeping as I type; yes the stroller to crib transfer worked out.


Depending on how long she lasts napping today, I may actually get a change for a design related post! How about that people! Whoot Whoot!

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