October 31, 2011

illustrated interiors

I'm always looking for new unique ways to decorate at home. Wall decals have seen their day already. Wallpaper has it's place. What I'm looking for is something original. Something unique. Something I can maybe do myself. Like a sketch on the wall, then bring out he lines with a paint pen or brush. This is kind of what I'm thinking.

all images above via Elle Sweden

October 28, 2011

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.

townhome solutions?

OK, let's be honest.  I'm not really a "house" person.  Yes, I love sitting outdoors, on a patio, deck, backyard what have you, BUT I really don't want to maintain it.  My solution for this?  A townhouse.  One in which the outside portion is maintained by the townhouse complex.  Sure, you pay a maintenance fee for this, but a fee that I think is well worth it NOT to have to worry about it. 

There is a townhouse complex in one of the neighbourhoods that we like, also in a good school district, close to shopping and transit, not to mention a community centre across the street.  It's perfect.  The one and only drawback to this complex, is that the majority of the homes in the complex come with stairs.  This of course is not an issue for myself, my husband, or my daughter, but since one day my mom will be coming to live with us, it could be a challenge.

The uniqueness of the architecture, and the grounds are what drew me to this complex in the first place.  Have a peek, and let me know what you think!

 image via mls.ca

AND, this particular home fronts onto a ravine, so super duper privacy, AND there us underground parking!  AND it's in our price range!  And it's HUGE at about 1800 sq. feet!  

Now if I can only convince my mom about the stairs!  (I'm hoping she's reading this!)

October 27, 2011

second thoughts on real estate

NO, we haven't bought a house.  But we have looked at a few recently.  Nothing has really stood out for us as the "perfect" house; probably because our wish list is very very very LONG.  Like insanely long.

Regardless of price, with me stalking the MLS listings, and driving through our favorite neighborhoods, I am absolutely DUMBFOUNDED by the price of  homes in the GTA.  It's INSANE.  So much in fact that i'm thinking of tossing the entire idea out the window.  It's frustrating to know that you are pre-approved for "X", but the homes in the "X" price range are either shacks that need 100K in renovations, or are the size of a matchbook.  Or 8 cats live there and you'd have to have the entire place fumigated and the vents cleaned out the stink is so bad.  Or your neighbor is a gas station or a funeral home.  No i'm not kidding on the last two.

Another consideration is moving outside of the GTA to a smaller community, we can afford a nice home out in the burbs, but then our commute would be very very long.  And with only 1 car, and the fact that my husband and I work different shifts, we'd need to buy another car, OR one of us would need to work from home.

So what do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?  I've got my knickers all up in a knot about this today, so much so that I just want to crawl under the covers.

Do you own your home?  Did you have to decide between urban and suburban?  Or city and country? New home or resale?  Please help us decide!  We don't know what to do!

October 21, 2011

5 finds for friday

I'm always looking for new sources for affordable art prints, and Society6 delivers.  And then some.

I know it's still October, but I can't help but start to think about Christmas this year when I see such cute wrapping idea's.  No more store bought paper for me, bring on the washi tape and craft paper and let me at it!

One day I will make it down under, and when I do, i'm going to make visiting Mr. Kitly a priority.

After seeing this banner plastered all over Pinterest recently, i`m giving myself a kick in the butt to get over to the fabric store.  MUST MAKE ONE OF THESE IMMEDIATELY.  It`s a perfect makeshift headboard, don`t you think, not to mention so pretty!  If hubby doesn`t object.  Tee-hee.

I`m always on the hunt for new jewellery, and this caught my eye.  Stunning, just stunning, and sooo me!

Have a beautiful and inspiring weekend everyone.

October 19, 2011

Go Granny Go!

The most amazing granny square project EVER.

image from Ravelry

But the pattern here.

October 18, 2011

brown baggin' it

Well not literally.  As brown bags - for lunch - are just yucky.

But THIS, I could handle.  I desperately need a new lunch bag to replace mine.

image from Thermos

LOVE Thermos products.  But this one here, or you can see what else is in their "lunch" product line here.

my top 7 sources for interior inspiration

I am a total inspiration junkie. And in internet surfing addict. And an HGTV addict. Among other things. I thought i'd give you all the head's up as to where I find ideas for designing others homes, as well as my own. I hope you can find some inspiration as well!

My top 7 sources for interior inspiration are .....

1. Pinterest
Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you know what Pinterest is and what it's about. I love the fact that I can search for a specific idea, like "bed on floor" and it will respond with hundreds of photos of beds on the floor. I don't Pin my own things, as I like to save those in a private folder, but I do repin and create boards on Pinterest for general inspiration ideas. Be careful though, you may become addicted!

2. Google Reader
I LOVE Google Reader. It’s the only way that I can keep all my favorite blogs and websites in one place. If you read more than 10 blogs or websites on a regular basis, you must use this.

3. Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters (both online, in store is too dangerous for me)
These 2 stores combined pretty much sum up my personal aesthetic. I love the wish list feature and send them to my mother constantly hoping she'll buy me stuff. Sometime it works too!

4. Etsy
Need I say more? Totally self explanatory. I love to see what everyone else is doing as it fuels my own creativity, and I use others idea’s to help inspire my own unique ideas.

5. Realtor.ca or Realtor.com in the USA
I am obsessed with Real Estate listings. What can I say, I love to dream, and love to imagine living in a 2 million dollar home, not because it’s 2 million dollars but because the design of these homes are usually unique and fabulous.

6. Digital Magazines
There are sooo many digital magazines out there right now – for FREE. I’ve personal stopped buying hard copies! Why spend the money when I can get them for free online! Between Lonny, Rue, and Covet Garden, not to mention many more, I can't decide on a favorite. They are all amazing, and all different.

7. Getting Outside
There are endless ideas out there, and so many unique neighbourhoods, especially where I live. Toronto has hundreds of little neighbourhoods, and outside Toronto there are so many small quaint towns within a short drive, I love to just hop in the car to go for a drive to them! This especially fuels my ideas for a house oneday. Love seeing what others have done to the exterior of their homes. And it’s a great source of architectural inspiration as well

October 4, 2011


I've been brainstorming like crazy over the past few weeks, working on new and exciting ways to make DecorAddict better for YOU.  I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone for being so patient, as I make some tweaks, changes, and additions over the next few weeks/months.

If you see something on DecorAddict that you like or don't like, i'd LOVE to hear some feedback for you!  You an email me anytime, and I will truly take your thoughts and suggestions into consideration! 

brainstorm dewdrops cautious and brave print, by Yaelfran, here