October 21, 2011

5 finds for friday

I'm always looking for new sources for affordable art prints, and Society6 delivers.  And then some.

I know it's still October, but I can't help but start to think about Christmas this year when I see such cute wrapping idea's.  No more store bought paper for me, bring on the washi tape and craft paper and let me at it!

One day I will make it down under, and when I do, i'm going to make visiting Mr. Kitly a priority.

After seeing this banner plastered all over Pinterest recently, i`m giving myself a kick in the butt to get over to the fabric store.  MUST MAKE ONE OF THESE IMMEDIATELY.  It`s a perfect makeshift headboard, don`t you think, not to mention so pretty!  If hubby doesn`t object.  Tee-hee.

I`m always on the hunt for new jewellery, and this caught my eye.  Stunning, just stunning, and sooo me!

Have a beautiful and inspiring weekend everyone.

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