September 30, 2008

It I Had A Million Dollar's, I'd Buy Lots of BOOKS !

I am a sucker for books. Not just decorating books, but all kinds of books. Coffee table, novels, travel guides, journals, the list goes on and on. We have one bookcase in our house, an IKEA Lack, 5 shelves, in a dark espresso color. I love that bookshelf, but I need another one. Not just for all our books, but for all our stuff. It tends to collect stuff. But that’s another story, which I’ll get into once we’ve moved into our new place.

I’m rambling again, so sorry about that, I’d like to get back to the point of my story, BOOKS!!! I’ve had to give myself a book allowance each month, or else I’d be broke. I can spend hours upon hours in a bookstore, absorbing as much information and beauty as I can. I just wish books weren’t so expensive here in Canada! But thank goodness for Chapters iRewards program, it’s saving a little bit of money at least.

I’ve just ordered Taking Flight: Inspiration & Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings, by Kelly Rae Roberts from Chapters . I’ve been to 3 stores in the past 2 weeks, and it’s sold out everywhere, thank goodness it’s available online! I heard about this book via various blogs that I read daily, and I’ve been on the hunt ever since. I can’t wait for it to arrive! Hopefully it will be in my hands by week’s end! You can read more about the book here .

(image from Kelly Rae Roberts)

Here are a few books that are on my list, some havn't been released yet, but are available for pre-order from Chapter's online store. I’ll have to see if these are are in this months book budget!

Stencil 101, Colin & Justin’s Home Heist Style Guide, Kate Spade “Style”, and Nature Printing

What are some of your favorite books? New or Old?

September 29, 2008

I Heart Crate & Barrel, Yorkdale !!!

You know you have a good husband when he agrees to go furniture & home decor shopping with you. And even BETTER husband when it’s to Crate & Barrel’s 1st Canadian store, the 1st Saturday morning that it’s open, at one of Canada’s busiest mall’s, Yorkdale. When I awoke last Saturday, that’s all I could think of. Crate & Barrel is HERE !!!!! No more surfing their site online, or through the catalog that i’d never get! I can actually TOUCH it!!! See it with my own eye’s!!!! I know Paul was absolutely dreading it, as Yorkdale mall tends to be crazy busy, all the time, everyday, no matter what time of day. I actually try to avoid that particular mall if I can at all costs, but it always seems to be the 1st to get new stores, expat from the states, or elsewhere.

We arrived at 1045am, and I was shocked. We actually got a parking spot close to the entrance. That last time I was at Yorkdale, the closest spot was about a 10 minute walk away. Sheesh! Just before we opened the door of C&B, I stopped looked at Paul, and did a happy dance. YES, I know i’m pathetic, but I could NOT believe I was stepping into one of my favorite online stores for REAL!!!!

images by decoraddict

Within 2 minutes, Paul and I had picked out our entertainment unit and desk for our new place, which by the way we don’t have yet, nor have we really started looking yet either (oops! Hey, I like to plan ahead). C&B’s Sloane series of leaning pieces is PERFECT !!!!! We are loving the entire series, from the media stand, wine bar, bookcases, and desk. We want the entire thing!!!!!

images by decoraddict

The main floor of C&B contains the majority of their home accessories, kitchen, and tabletop goods, and the 2nd floor is devoted to furniture. I’m soooo glad I visited the store before purchasing the sofa I saw online. I had originally selected the “Steele” sofa, however seeing it in person, it seems almost like a bench and was very small scale. Not a good choice for us considering we are both quite tall. I think we’ve decided on our sofa purchase, which of course won’t be purchased until at least the new year once we’re in our new place, but we both fell in love with the “Petrie” sofa and ottoman, in a dark gray fabric. The fabric for this sofa is stain resistant; perfect as I tend to bit a bit of a clutz, and feel’s almost like a think canvas or a twill. It’s very sturdy which we both like. Sure, it’s quite modern, but the tufting softens it up a bit, and it’s quite comfortable. The ottoman we can use as either a coffee table with a tray on top, or as a footstool. It’s the perfect sofa for each of our taste’s. Paul like modern, and I like comfortable, and the Petrie is both! I’m so happy it’s here!

image by decoraddict, Petrie Sofa shown in photo is Natural, but we plan to order
the dark gray which can be seen online here along with all their other colours.

I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised by the store in general, their prices were very good, which I did not expect since it is an American company. C&B in Canada is definitely a good thing, there is something here for everybody, if you are on a budget, or have an unlimited budget; modern tastes and traditional tastes are throughout the store, yet everything seems to blend together quite nicely.

images from Crate & Barrel, Sloane series, and other finds I loved

I can't wait until the new year to arrive so I can shop to my hearts content!

What are some of your favorie design/decor stores? I'd love to hear from my reader's to see where they shop for their own home?

AT house tour - PINK !!!

I just recently read in a NY Times article that antler's are officially "out", yet I'm still seeing them everywhere!

See the full house tour here, Megan & Peter's Elysian Dream. So refreshing!

image from apartment therapy

September 27, 2008

I'm on my way to Crate and Barrel ! Yippee

I'll have picture's and a review later on today/tomorrow.

So excited, i've already picked out a new sofa or 5.


September 26, 2008

UPDATED: Even Bigger News !!! West Elm Is Coming To Toronto On October 18th !!!

Anyone have a Valium? This is just too much information this week.




West Elm. Is coming. HERE. Liberty Village must be sooo excited! I know I am, I almost pee'd my pants!!!!

UPDATE: I've been surfing their website for the past hour and am falling in LOVE with everything!!!!!!

September 25, 2008


Guess what I'm doing this weekend?



September 24, 2008

Pantone Fall 2008 Colour Trend Report

I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but I've had Lot's more to ramble about, now that I need to cut back on the length of my posts for a few days, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share Pantone's Fall 2008 colour forecast for fashion, which will ultimately translate into decor item's as well.

My personal favorite's are all the blue's and green's, with a little bit of purple thrown in for some SPLASH! I do promise to showcase some of my favorite room's showcasing these amazing colour's shortly, when I'm not covered in a535.

I'm not a big fan of the orange, but used in the right context, this would make a fantastic accent colour.

Pantone also just released their Spring '09 colour forecast, fellow blogger EyeSpy blogged about this already, she did a fantastic job, make sure you check her post, part 1 here, and part 2 here


Hazard's of blogging.....

I hate to say it, but I think i'm working too hard ! As most of you know, beside's being an interior design consultant, and a blogger, I also have a "day-job" in another industry.

I seem to have been typing/surfing/blogging/working a little to much as of late, therefore my RSI (repetitive stress injury) is acting up.

Don't you all worry, i'll still be blogging, and will update daily, but i'll have to shorten them a little bit as I have to get better so I can blog to my hearts content more often!

Here are links back to some of my favorite blog posts this week from my fellow design blogger's, and just random sites in general...i've reading much more this week as it doesn't hurt as much !! (yes, I know i'm such a suck!!)



September 23, 2008

Crafting Canada with goodEGG industries

goodEGG is a collaborative effort by Jen Anisef from Toronto Craft Alert (TCA) & City of Craft, and Laural Raine of I found goodEGG via the TCA blog before I started contributing to their “Questions with Crafter’s” feature, and was so happy to see that someone was supporting the Canadian independent craft community. There are so many new and exciting craft artists in Canada that they need to be shared with Canada, and the rest of the world! goodEGG is the best place to do that.

Their wares are distributed into categories, “carry, embellish, nest, play, wear, and write”. I, of course always go straight to the nest section in which various home decor item’s can be found.

One of my favorite Etsy seller's, Avril Loreti also sells here at goodEGG....I have to support my fellow canuck so I'll be purchasing from goodEGG instead of Etsy when the need arises! (sorry Etsy).

I was searching through nest this morning, and fell in love with these storage boxes, for only $35 each from bookhou design.....

I hope all you fellow Canadians, and those that enjoy Canadian design visit and shop this shop regularly! I know I will!

(all images from goodEGG)

On the hunt again.....

I'm on the hunt again for some new local Canadian Artisan's and Crafter's..... who will I find today? Hmmmmm......

September 22, 2008

Wallpapering everything but your walls

If they could only come up with a simple way to remove it, I’d be on it like glue (no pun intended). I am absolutely LOVING the new patterns coming out this fall, and spring ’09. Although I don’t think I could personally commit to putting it on a wall, I would most definitely consider using it in other applications such as in a frame, on on a piece of furniture. What? Wallpaper furniture? Yes, my friends, it can be done.

Here are a couple example’s of some DIY wallpaper project’s that don’t include a wall.

• Book covers
• Drawer liner
• Back of a shelf or bookcase
• Cover the outside of a dresser
• In a frame

I found some examples on over Apartment Therapy illustrating these examples of framed wallpaper, both new pieces and vintage:

images from Apartment Therapy

There is a great DIY project on Design*Sponge with instructions on how to properly line dresser drawer’s:

images from design*sponge

On the left, this gorgeous bookshelf is on Apartment Therapy, love the boldness of this pattern! On the right, these Ikea storage boxes covered in pretty wallpaper are shown in a house tour of fellow Canadian Claire Louise Milne over at decor8.

images from Apartment Therapy and decor8

Here are some beautiful patterns I found from Farrow & Ball that I absolutely this would be beautiful in any of the applications noted above. F&B’s patterns are subtle elegance at it’s best.

images from Farrow & Ball

Ferm Living, a Danish design company specializing in “graphic lifestyle” products; includes not only wallpaper, but wall stickers and fabrics as well. Their design’s are simple, yet timeless and fun. A few of my favorites are below, and the best part about them is that they do ship to Canada!

images from Ferm Living, clockwise from top left, fairy flower, wilderness, berry black, tree bomb

There are hundred's of applications for wallpaper, besides the wall, and I encourage you to try them all. I did a google search and found hundred's upon hundred's of online resources, so don't limit yourself to the big box stores. There is so much more out there to choose from!

September 20, 2008

My Etsy Favorite of the week, Toronto’s own "A Touch of Vintage"

I've become addicted to yet another Etsy seller this week, "A Touch of Vintage". You can visit Diana's Etsy store here.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite pieces with you today, I'm loving the bright colour's, and all her Pyrex pieces most!

from top left, pink & green jam and honey pots $18, turquoise Pyrex mixing bowls $32, fuchsia Pyrex casserole dish $16, black rotary phone $48

orangey-red Pyrex mugs $12, retro ceramic salt & pepper shakers $9,martini shaker/mixer $9, vintage globe $55

I'm finding that Etsy is becoming my favorite place for vintage finds lately, the antique market's seem to be overpicked. Maybe Etsy IS the answer for everything?

September 19, 2008

I'm gushing over Domino Mag....again

I discovered Domino Magazine a few year’s ago purely by accident while in a convenience store near my home in Mississauga, Ontario. I saw it, bought it immediately, and have been hooked ever since. I’m just sorry it’s not Canadian.

Domino, September 2008 issue

At first I had a tough time finding a copy each month, it was so new, that only the big box bookstores were carrying it at the beginning. Thankfully, I can now pick up my Domino almost anywhere.

I just grabbed up the September 2008 issue yesterday, and immediately flipped through it as quickly as I could, absorbing all the amazing beautiful things that I could in the 2 minutes at the check-out counter. I spent the majority of the evening last night reading it from cover to cover, and once again am in love with so many beautiful things. Unfortunately my bank account isn’t big enough to have them all!

I’ve just gone through the issue once again, yes, this would be the 3rd time in less than 24 hours, and I’ve marked off all my favorite things in this issue, that i’m sure you will love too.

Page 32 (other side of the sticker page) has the most beautiful
collection of vintage, both repro and authentic, hence the title
of the page, "Victorian Gothic". I'm loving the deep royal purple's,
and the feel of glamour. Scrumptious!

Page 68, love love LOVE this colour palette, Mom, I hope you do too,
remember when I said I'd paint your kitchen? Tee-hee!!!

Page 112, Fashion Designer Vanessa Bruno gives Domino reader's a tour
of her Paris Apartment. I wonder if she has room's to let?

Page 122, Morocco is still on my long list of places to visit in my
lifetime, luckily now I'll know where to shop!

Page 136, yet another beautiful house tour, this time of Helmut Lang
creative directors, Nicole and Michael Colovos; partners in marriage and enterprise

If you ever have the chance to pick up Domino, I highly recommend it. It's one addiction I have NO intention of breaking.

Toodles, and happy weekend,

September 18, 2008

DecorAddict and The Skinner's on Toronto Craft Alert

Jen over at Toronto Craft Alert has shared my story of Patrick and Sharyl Skinner today, in case you missed it last week, you can see it again here.

Trend Thursday!!!!! wine accessories and barware

It's been a busy week, so "Trend" Tuesday, is happening on Thursday this week.

I've fallen upon some really funky new bar ware and wine accessories in the past week. Stunning gorgeous, and just plain NEAT!

Umbra, made in Canada, always has cutting edge modern design grown into all of their products. These wine/bar accessories as no exception. Smooth, sleek, cool design at it's best

All products above from Umbra, clockwise from top left, loopsey wine rack $215,
cava wine rack $126, cru wine rack $180, sleevino wine sleeve $160

I love love love LOVE this recycled record wine rack!!! Maybe I should dust off my old crates of vinyl at my parent's place and start creating! This is pure genius, and recycling at it's best.

wine rack made from recycled record albums, from Etsy seller RetiredRecords

How do they do this? A trick of the eye? Hmmmm. I'll just have to buy one to find out.

self balanced wine rack from Etsy seller Boxnmor, $18.95

Everyone needs wine rack, don't you think? Apartment Therapy has some great finds on this same topic as well, you can see them by following the links below

12 small space wine racks
top 10 wine racks

Design Milk has some great one's as well,
plywood wine rack
wine tree

Now that you have a place to put all that wine, time to start drinking it! Well, not all once of course, enjoy the glass!

September 17, 2008

i'm slacking

Yes, I know i've been M.I.A lately, and I do apologize. I've had an incredibly busy week with various functions, both friend's and family, and even more to come of the next few days. It's my birthday this week, so i've been out to dinner a few times, and will be heading out a few times more this week. Not to say that I don't absolutely LOVE going out for dinner, but yes it has been busy. I'll have some quicky posts over the next few days, stuff i've seen over at Apartment Therapy, and a few other blogs that are just sooo good so I must share them with you.

teaser from Apartment Therapy

Stay tuned everybody, the addict is back!!!


September 15, 2008

DIY Inspiration

I'm sure you all wonder how an interior decorator comes up with a design concept for their client's. It's a process that takes some time, mainly by getting to know the client, and really trying to tap into their personality in order to create a space that is an extension of themselves, that they will also be comfortable in, and the result of what they've asked for.

Once of the step's that I take as a decorator to help the client envision what they are looking for, is to advise them to collect photo's of room's they enjoy, from magazine's, online, or a space that they have experienced and enjoyed. Even if there is only 1 small item in a room that they admire, such as a picture frame or an ornament of some sort, to a larger item such as a sofa, or a dining set. These rooms and or specific items that are admired can help a decorator pin down your style.

Even if you decide not to work with a decorator, and spruce up your home yourself, collecting photo's can help you narrow down and collect what you are looking for. The trick, is finding a common element. That common element could be a color, a texture, or an overall theme or style of a room, such as French Country, or Urban Chic. It will become easier to pinpoint, the more photo's you collect.
There are a gazillion decorating sites out there, from interior design/decor glossies, to their websites, to interior design blogs (like this one) to coffee table books. These images are everywhere.

My favorite spots to go to online for inspiration are Domino magazine, they have a cool new feature called My Deco File, which allows you to save all your decorating idea's in an online file. Another site from the UK, MyDeco has an online test that helps you find your own decorating style. This is a really fun thing to do, and even has yourself guessing to see what the final results will be.

image above from Domino

My favorite design blogs are decor8, Apartment Therapy, Design Milk, design*sponge, and PoppyTalk. There are all unique in their own way. My 2 main addictions are decor8 and Apartment Therapy.

Decor8 showcases new products for the home from all over the world from a unique perspective, Holly Becker, it’s author and interior design consultant split’s her life in Boston, and Germany. My favorite house tour site, Apartment Therapy showcases everyday, normal homes, condos and apartments, not just the rich and famous.

Don't feel like to must limit yourself to Canadian, or North American decorating sites and magazines, there are hundred's of international spot's you can hit as well. UK Magazine's offer more great stops for inspiration, House to Home, the parent site of UK magazines Ideal Home, and Living etc. also offer fantastic photo gallery's that do nothing but inspire you!

I thought I'd share with you all some of my own personal collection of photos that I've collected recently. Maybe something from one of these photos will end up in my own home. A table lamp, a rug, a mirror. You just never know where your inspiration will take you.

images below from Domino Magazine
This room makes be want to cuddle on the couch with
a good book, a cup of tea, and a blanket

I love the contrast between the modernized traditional chandelier, and the bar stool's.

The color of the walls in this room makes me crave the Caribbean,
where my husband and I got married earlier this year

The extra storage space above the door frame is a smart idea,
and increases the illusion of more height in the room

Traditional colours, mid-century modern furniture.
A huge trend right now that I'm growing to love every day

Love the idea of painting the back of the bookshelf,
adds color that wold normally be just 'blah'

This dining nook feels very Parisian, don't you think?
French bistro decor has always been one of my favorites

I'm not sure why but I'm really liking the antler's in this room, and I've seen them popping up all over the place recently. Even a paper mache one at Flik & Company

images below from House to Home
White on white on white. One of my favorite colour scheme's, even though white isn't technically a colour. Modern chair and lamp, romantic billowy curtain's blowing in the wind.

The furnishing's in the this room are very traditional, but the fabric's
and colour's used are not. Hence, modern design with a twist

One day this will be my eat-in kitchen. Love the table, but I think I'd do contrasting chair's in a different style. Not sure what yet exactly, but I'll keep you all informed !

September 11, 2008

Oath #2 to the Blogosphere.....

Pet-peeve's this week:
  • design blog's that aren't really design blogs, but are one big advertisement for ABC Furniture Store Inc.
  • design blog's that "diss" other design blogs... like seriously !!! We're all in this together and can learn from one another.

Oath #2 to the Blogosphere

I, Trina Brandon, editor/writer of DecorAddict do solemly swear not to compromise the content of DecorAddict for the purpose of advertising revenue; nor will I be negative in any way towards any of my blogospere "co-workers".

Does anyone have one of these? I must find one !!!!

Goodnight everyone,


LOVE this house tour on design*sponge .....

Christine Martinez of Lama Designs........her home has been featured on design*sponge today......

This poster is absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!!! To my friend's and family reading this, I MUST HAVE ONE !!!!

image from design*sponge

Design*Sponge is another favorite blog of mine, most notably the before/after, and DIY portion's of the site. It is so inspiring to what people can do with things that would have either been tossed in a dumpster, or would just be plain boring.

I'm listening to ...

Holly Becker, over at decor8 shared some of her favorite tunes with her reader's yesterday. I thought it was a fantastic idea. Music has always inspired me to be creative, give me a confidence boost, or just put me in a goofy mood, among 3 billion other reason's. I don't know what i'd do without it to be honest, as it's one thing that always has to be around me.
Yes, I know this post has absolute nothing to do with design and decor, but without music, i'm not sure some of my posts would even exist.

So my fellow reader's and blogger's, here are my current "heart" item's for the moment.

Just to share a few I can't seem to locate images for....

Jem, Imogen Heap, Chicane, Tiesto, Oasis, Lily Allen, The Kooks, Depeche Mode, Sting...and my goodness so much more are inspiring to me.

Anything on Sirius Sattelite radio...we just got this installed on our's absolutely WONDERFUL !!!

Vampire Weekend


Mamma Mia movie soundtrack


What's on your playlist?
all images have been linked back to the artists website