September 17, 2008

i'm slacking

Yes, I know i've been M.I.A lately, and I do apologize. I've had an incredibly busy week with various functions, both friend's and family, and even more to come of the next few days. It's my birthday this week, so i've been out to dinner a few times, and will be heading out a few times more this week. Not to say that I don't absolutely LOVE going out for dinner, but yes it has been busy. I'll have some quicky posts over the next few days, stuff i've seen over at Apartment Therapy, and a few other blogs that are just sooo good so I must share them with you.

teaser from Apartment Therapy

Stay tuned everybody, the addict is back!!!



Room Envy said...

I love everything about this quirky room - the letters on the wall, the different coloured chairs, the funky cabinet in the background. Everything is so individual but when it's all together it really works too.

Decor Addict said...

I agree. The only word I have to describe it is "quirky". Gotta love it!!