February 26, 2009

Paul Massey Photography {inspired}

Something about these photos makes me want to just crawl inside and have a nap.

Let me introduce, UK famed photographer, Paul Massey. Not only does he photograph interiors, but fashion, Hollywood celebrities, and portraiture. Beautiful. His work speaks for itself.

See his full portfolio here.

all images from Paul Massey

February 25, 2009

Home Office Thoughts {aka dining room}


I've been browsing through my Flickr favorites today, as i'm trying to come up with some inovative ways to decorate/set up our mutual dining room/home office. This picture just stood out, what do you think?

image by O!Rachew!

I could not only use each clipboard as a to-do list, but maybe also a calender, or to just post inspiration photos.

What do you think? Too much? Or any other idea's like this?

Hmmm. I'm still thinking.

DIY Love {glass jar frames}

LOVE these....full instructions and how-to's can be found here via the PhotoJojo site.

all images from photojojo

February 20, 2009

DecorAddict needs your help! {and happy weekend!}

I emailed AT today, as I'm truly at a loss. My hubby and I recently purchased a
Malm King size bed from, but I can't decide on nightstands.....trying to shy away from the Malm nightstands....as I think they go too well. Know what I mean?

You can see the thread, and comment here!

Looking forward to seeing every one's suggestions, and I just can't seem to find anything that goes, or that I like so far.

February 19, 2009

Organize! {books by colour}

I just did this last weekend.....definitely creates a little bit of order amongst chaos!

Instructions to help you along the way here, from ColourLovers.

February 18, 2009

Etsy Love {papaververt}

Now that I can knit, i'm thinking of trying to felt. Especially so I can make stuff like this.

Plant cozy - 3 inch pot - $26

See it here from Papaververt

February 17, 2009

Etsy Love {lapomme}

Pear, apple, and fig bowl fillers, $32.

Visit the Etsy shop here.

Inspiration {Kelly Rae}

image from Kelly Rae Roberts

20% off area rugs {West Elm}

See them all online here, or visit their Toronto store in Liberty Village.

all images from West Elm

February 16, 2009

Ready Made Magazine

I spent some time in the magazine section of Chapters over the weekend, trying to find myself a viable replacement for the demise of Domino.

The only North American glossie that held my attention and kept me coming back for more was ReadyMade. I'll admit, it's the first time I've actually bought the magazine, however I have been a frequent visitor to their website for some time now.

Now, I wasn't able to find much on their website about their current issue, so I've taken some photo's of my own copy...c'mon ReadyMade! Get to it!

I grabbed the Feb/Mar 2009 issue, whose theme is entertaining at home - a great idea considering these grim economic times. But, what really grasped my attention were the most original DIY ideas, along with the instructions on how to execute them!

Chalkboard Wine Rack - LOVE THIS!

"Hiding the Uglies"
...you know the culprits, icky thermostats, old radiators etc...

But, my ultimate favorite has to me this quirky funky ceiling fixture, made from 12 glass balls from CB2.

AND, they give you the FULL instructions on how to do it!!!

This is something I may just have to try on my own.

Not only is ReadyMade for the DIY lover, but for the interiors fan as well. With a house tour a feature in every issue, along with a food feature, and entertaining tips, this may just be my new favorite glossie. Especially with Domino out the window (yes, I'm still mourning)

House Tour
Souliyahm & Tia Keobounpheng's Minneapolis Ranch House

Thank you ReadyMade. You have just restored by creative mental block.

UPDATE: I just found a digital issue of ReadyMade here!

all images by decoraddict

February 11, 2009

Craft Magazine is no more {online version to stay!}

This is getting really depressing.

from their website:

"Two and a half years ago, inspired by the DIY creativity of a growing number of indie crafters, we launched CRAFT Magazine along with its companion website, Craftzine.com. Since then, we've become an integral part of the new craft community. We've been fully committed to encouraging more people to discover the joy of crafting."

.....read the full post here.

UPDATE: Craft is no totally extinct - online version is here to stay! Yay!

House Tour: LOVING Colour

See the full tour on AT here.

February 10, 2009

Extinguishing the Winter Blahs {House of Turquoise}

It’s February, it’s still winter, and I feel like i’m living in a black and white movie. Going outside is at the point that it’s depressing. I’m no longer saying “but it looks so pretty when it snows!” especially when i’m at the office digging myself out of yet one more snow bank. I swear I was not meant to live in this climate!

Enter COLOUR. Our new apartment doesn’t have one white wall in it, which is a first for me in YEARS. I’m sooo tired of white walls. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that any more. What’s funny, is when you do live with white walls, you are scared to paint. But when you live with colour, you could paint every weekend. Colour inspires me.

When I’m tired of looking at my own walls, of course i’m continually looking for colour on the web. Enter Erin Olson. Blogger extraordinaire! She author’s 12 blogs!!! OMG! Twelve! But, what’s most original about them, is each is dedicated to a specific colour, or colour scheme. Brilliant!

Her most popular and my personal favorite is House of Turquoise . Perfect viewing for dark and dreary days, the photo collections found here will instantly perk you up!

Her other colour blogs are Black and White Delight, Pink and Brown Love, Everything Turquoise, The Chocolate Blues, Just Blue & Green, and Pink & Green Scene. Her personal blog can be found here.

So Lovely!

all images from House of Turquoise

February 7, 2009

Love This! {pastel masking tape}

I MUST have this. Pure genius. Beautiful. Pretty. Love this! The Japanese are brilliant!

See the full details here, or you can get them via DWR as well.

There is soooo much you could do with this!!! I can't even begin to imagine the possibilities. Masking tape just doesn't have to be for taping your trip before you paint, you can use this in so many of your craft projects. Collages, scrapbooking, OMG this is the best thing since I discovered my craft punch that rounds corners.

Yes, I'm losing it obsiously.

Thank you to the kazillion other blogs that have already posted this...I had to share this as well!!!

February 3, 2009

Modern Karibou {Canadian Eh!}

For my fellow Canadians, I'm sure you are all too aware that finding those oh so coveted furniture pieces from a Canadian shopping resource is difficult at best. Enter Modern Karibou onto the retail scene, and we have attainable interior pieces for us all - sold here in Canada!

The founders of the store, Lise and Carole, were tired of looking south of the border when it came to online shopping for their homes and thought they could help fill this gap in Canada. You can read all about them here.

Modern Kariblou features established and new designers, some of which are eco-friendly, including Amenity, LoooLo, Iannone Design, FLUF Design, and Palau, just to name a handful.

Here are a handful of my personal favorites that I'm currently drooling over. Yay to Canadian Interior Retailers Modern Karibou!

1. DwellStudio CHARLOTTE Multi Storage Bin, $92
2. DwellStudio GARDEN Blossom Duvet Set, from $189
3. OFFI JIM Barstool 24, $299
4. ferm LIVING Birds on Branches No. 140 Wallpaper, $164

1. Gus* Modern Carter Sectional, $3499
2. Gus* Modern Pawn Stool, $450
3. Poof Lounge - Silver, $268
4. Sleepytime Rocker, $1085

They also have a fantastic kid and baby section....carrying everything from Dwell Home, to Ferm Living! Yay for Modern Karibou!!!

February 2, 2009

Adorable Iron-On Transfer's FREE {via Creature Comforts}

Get all the details on the Creature Comforts blog! Adorable!

image from Creature Comforts

Etsy Love {Valentine's Day}

I'm not really one for Valentine's Day, as I'm one of "those people" who doesn't need/want one day a year to prove/show my love for my husband; that happens all year round.

BUT, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy all the neat cute stuff that comes out this time of year. Etsy once again should be the 1st stop for anyone looking for a cute valentine's day item.

My personal favorites are below.

1. LOVE photograph, 12x12, $35
2. wood flower bouquet, $12
3. i love you cross stitch, $10
4. kiss me with a thousand kisses paper mache valentine, $20
5. valentine forest magnet, $8

1. LOVE handmade valentines day card, $4.50
2. Love Is Everything print, $20
3. valentine word puzzle pillow, $14
4. gocco prints, $16
5. carrying a torch print, $18

1. deeply loved affirmation print, $12
2. LOVE original watercolour, $4
3. vintage ceramic letters, $7
4. love seeds feedsack pillow, $12