March 29, 2010

The Marion House Book

One of my favorite neighbourhoods in Toronto is Roncesvalles Village . I grew up here, as did alot of my friends and family.

Our good friend Chris has a restaurant here, Bistro 299, and we make it a point to revisit the village at least a few times a year. After all, it is the best place in town to grab a ring of fresh smoked Kielbasa.

I can now almost virtually visit the village via The Marion House Book, an AMAZING blog I happened to discover over the weekend.

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A huge thank you to Emma and Miles for sharing their home and inspirations with us. Here are a few shots of her home that I am absolutely drooling over, and might I add so freakin' jealous!!!!!

all images from The Marion House Book

March 26, 2010

Waking up with Kråkvik & D'Orazio

I've been reading a lot of Swedish design blogs lately, and yes even though the majority are not in English, I'm finding that there is some great inspiration out there. The aesthetic of Scandinavian design is just so ME.

It was through my daily reads that I happened upon the work of photography studio Kråkvik & D'Orazio.

I thought i'd share some of my favorite shots with you this morning. You see, it's only 6am where I live, and i've already been up for a 1/2 hour. This is what happens when you have a 9 month old and hit the sack at 9pm. Makes for an early bird, which I don't mind as the munchkin is still sleeping allowing me some time for a quiet coffee.


all images from Kråkvik & D'Orazio

March 23, 2010

Hindsvik Vintage

Excellent source for vintage home decor and furniture.

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I want ....

...this letter

...this metal trivet

...this serving set

...this chair

all images from Hindsvik Vintage

March 18, 2010

Easy DIY

Loving this DIY project. I really need to try this.

all images from design*sponge

March 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

How is everyone doing today?

It's been awhile since I've sat down to really talk to everyone out there. I hope you have all been doing well, and have had a great winter this year! Mine has been super busy of course, raising an infant has kept me busy 24/7 (of course), but I'm loving every second of it. She's almost 9 months old already, can you believe it?

Adelaide, 8 months

My days lately have been filled with the hunt for daycare since I will be going back to work. This has proved to be no easy task, it's such a hard decision to make, and finding the right person is even harder.

We've been spending Tuesdays at our local pool taking part in a Parent & Tot swim class to get Addy used to water as soon as possible, and she's loved every second of it!

Now that the weather is nicer, we are going for lots of walks around our own neighbourhood, and driving to other parts of the city for walks in new neighbourhoods as well. I want her to experience all parts of our city, not just the area she lives in.

photograph by Lynda Narango

Wishing you all a great day/week, and a fantastic spring! It's almost here yaknow, and I can hardly wait!

Luv, Trina

Nikole & Lance Herriott

A collaboration of father & daughter.

Lance creates hand carved spoons, plates, platters, cake stands, and so much more.

I love Nikole's talent for cakes & cookies too.


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March 3, 2010

Dar Bibine Guest House

You all already know my fascination for Morocco, I do still plan to get there one day...but next door is Tunisia....yet another dream of mine. Specifically, Djerba.

Feast your eyes on this absolutely stunning guest house, Dar Bibine. Drink it up baby, drink it up!

all images from Dar Bibine