August 29, 2011

DecorAddict Color Consulting & Styling Services !

Yes! You read that correctly!  DecorAddict will soon be offering a Color Consulting, and Styling service in the Greater Toronto Area!


If you live in the GTA, and are interested in our color services, please email me with CONSULTING in the subject line.


Quaint Helsinki Cottage

Adorable, tranquil cottage, Helsinki style  (via NYTimes)

(all images NYTimes)

August 28, 2011

"La Lune" from Double Merrick

If anyone is looking for a gift idea for my birthday this year, this print below will be a good place to start!

August 26, 2011

Househunting has officially begun

We went to look at a house the other day.  It was cheap.  You could spit and hit my husband's office building.  There was also a freight train almost running directly through the backyard.

There was also a home invasion in the neighborhood just yesterday.

Maybe NOT a good idea.  Not to mention it needs a total gut-job.

(all images via

"Holocene" Bon Iver

I'm a huge fan of Bon Iver, most especially Holocene.  My love for this song has heightened due to the fact that my daughter loves it too, and video is just breathtaking.

The first time I played the video, my daughter was busy playing with princesses, and she immediately stopped what she was doing and came over to the computer.  Demanded that I move my butt, and sat herself down, in awe at what was on the screen.

Here is the video so you can be in awe of this pure beauty yourself.

BON IVER "Holocene" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

August 18, 2011


I am grateful to all my friends and family - I am lucky to have them in my life, even if it means being busy every weekend for the next 2 months.

 I am grateful for extra-large iced coffee's and sugar cookies shaped like ladybugs.

I am grateful to myself, for getting my groove back in blogland.

I am grateful to Minute Rice, for finally letting me eat brown rice without it turning into mush.

August 11, 2011

August 10, 2011

Indigo/Chapters Lifestyle Collection

Image my delight when this little number popped into my inbox today

Imagine my displeasure when I saw the price!  ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?  REALLY?

It's gorgeous, but not THAT gorgeous.

WHY is the the Indigo/Chapters Lifestyle collection soooo expensive?  Is it worth it?  Have you purchased anything from their collection in the past?

I guess I should start saving up my gift cards, eh?  Skip the magazines for awhile.  Cause I gotta have this.

August 3, 2011

40 before 41

Really, with all intents and purposes I meant for this list to be a 40 before 40 list - but times gotten away from me so i've given myself an extra year!

My deadline is September, 2013 - the month I turn 41 !!!  The same month that my daughter will start kindergarten.  OMG!!!

I made this list last September, but neglected to share with all of that I have a few completed, it doesn't feel as daunting and scary, so here you go!!!

1. Eat at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants
2. Find and buy an antique vintage vanity and restore and/or paint it
3. Get into the Real Estate market
4. Take a digital photography course
5. Make hollandaise sauce from scratch 
6. Start exercising regularly (2-3 times per week, for approx 1 hour at a time)
7. Take a family vacation somewhere outside the province, but still in Canada.
8. Start printing photos of my daughter and put them in albums
9. Be debt free (or at least reasonably free), or financially in control!
10. Learn another language. Even if it's just a little bit
11. Watch less TV
12. Institute a regular date night with my hubby
13. Try curling
14. Create a slideshow of my daughter's 1st year and beyond
15. Watch more movies - especially chick flicks
16. Be a girl more often
17. Go back to NYC
18. Blog more often/more regularly
19. Organize all my clothes
20. Have a family portrait done (all done)
21. Run a half marathon
22. Implement meatless Mondays at home
23. Make beef wellington from scratch
24. Try tennis
25. Organize our home office
26. Host an uber fancy dinner party
27. Learn how to sew
28. Visit a psychic
29. Grow an indoor herb garden
30. Finish decorating the master bedroom
31. Make homemade pasta from scratch
32. Try golf
33. Sign up for a session of Zumba!
34. Quit my paper towel habit
35. Quit drinking soda
36. Learn how to poach an egg properly (done!)
37. Learn how to make risotto (done!)
38. Teach myself to crochet (done!)
39. Write a children’s book
40. Have more patience

Do you have a 40 before 40 list? or a 30 before 30 list? Or another similar type of list?  Here is a list of other bloggers that are doing similar things...i love browsing them every so often to see what they've been up to, and to see what crazy stuff they want to do!  My own is pretty normal I think.

If you have a bucket list to share, feel free to link to it below.  It's always interesting to see what others dreams and intentions are, arent' they?