August 29, 2008

i wish.....

..... Farmhouse delivered to Canada.

Hi ho hi ho .... it’s antiquing we go !!!

I’m sure my darling husband is kicking himself right now when he agreed to go antiquing with me this Sunday, but it’s just not as much fun if you’re by yourself. I love having a fresh set of eye’s looking through all the dusty book cover’s,stack’s of old kitchen chair’s, and the row’s of dining tables. He may just discover something that I would never have noticed. He may actually enjoy it. He may find his bean bag chair. Is there such a think as an antique bean bag chair? If there is i’m sure he’ll find one. I’m hoping he enjoys the market as much as I do.

There’s nothing like arriving at the antique market, seeing all of these beautiful pieces of furniture, books, china and more, and imagining where that have been before arriving in this field off the highway waiting for a new owner. An owner that will hopefully love, polish, and cherish it, and will hopefully be passed down and loved just as much as the first time.

It remind`s me of my grandmother`s house, from the smell, to the texture of everything. It truly takes you back to days of apple pie and afternoon tea.

There are so many things that inspire me there, as I’m sure they or other things will inspire you.

There is soooo much you can do with old letter press blocks, from an artful wall hanging, or you can frame them creatively in a shadow box. The possibilities are absolutely endless!!! Not to mention inspiring.

(photo originally uploaded by mollycakes)

Old window's look great on their own leaning up against a wall in your home, or even on your mantel. Why not paint them, and create your own original art!

(originally uploaded by terri_tu)

These vintage thread spools would look very kitshy stacked in a shadow box and framed, or even just a bunch of them all lined up on a shelf for display.

(uploaded by sashabogin)

I can't remember the last time I actually used an egg-cup, but if I had these I totally would use them. If you don't eat eggs these would also work wonderfully as a rinsing station for you paintbrushes that you'll be using while artfully creating your painted window frame!

(uploaded by pikaluk)

These chairs require no explanation. They ooze cool

(uploaded by littledollface)

Horseshoe's are lucky to have around, and another interesting thing to collect. Each one is different. It would look very eclectic if you displayed a bunch either as wall art, in a cabinet, or why not on an outside wall of your garden shed? Get at least 3 of different sizes, shapes and colours, and group them in odd numbers for the best effect.

(uploaded by bmann)

Old trucks can be stacked and used as side tables or coffee tables, or if they're still in good shape they make very interesting storage vessels for just about anything if they're large enough, and if they're interesting, you can place them anywhere for some vintage quirky conversation pieces. Wonder where these have been? Tokyo? Paris? Hmmmm. It will bring out the travel bug in you.

(uploaded by bmann)

Happy Hunting!!!!! I can hardly wait!

See you all on Monday,


August 28, 2008

Queen West Art Crawl 2008

I'm going this year, I promise!!! What started as a one-day festival back in 2003, has evolved 5 years later into a 3 day weekend of art, craft, and entertainment.

They will be kicking off the festival this year with their opening ceremonies at the Gladstone Hotel on the 12th of September. The Gladstone will be featuring an exhibition of artists from 401 Richmond on their 2nd floor.

I can't wait to visit their outdoor art show at Trinity Bellwoods Park, in which I will be in true eye-candy heaven grazing with over 230 buskers, artist's and crafts people, performance artists, and food stands. Sounds absolutely delicious.

Have a peek at more, here.

August 27, 2008

Out and Out sale at Crate and Barrel ...... up to 70% off !!!

I just received an email from Crate and Barrel, HUGE sale, up to 70% off, thank goodness they ship to Canada, AND they are opening their very first CANADIAN store at Toronto's Yorkdale Mall on September 25th!!!!! The next Canadian store is due to be in Calgary, in 2009 at Southcentre Mall.

My 2nd favorite online store/catalog next to Ikea I think. Major brownie points now that they are finally local!

Hint...when shopping online at Crate and Barrel, don't forget to click the Canadian checkout button at the bottom of the cart page.

Supermarket & Elsewares = Indie LOVE for home decor and design

I think I've been hiding under a rock for the past 4 year's as I've only just today discovered 2 very cool e-commerce sites for creative types. Elsewares, and Supermarket, both based out of Brooklyn, NY.

I chatted with the President & Founder Ryan Duessing today over email today about their sister site Supermarket, geared towards creative designers as well, however the difference being that the designer's can personally upload their products and information on to this slick marketplace. Either place is an awesome stop for gifts, if anyone asks, my birthday's next month, and I have to have the Lumen Oil Lamp.

i heart catalogs .... has an awesome directory of catalog's related to Interior's, perfect one-stop shop for browsing over your lunch hour.

You can visit their directory here.

new addiction ... The Poster List

I recently stumbled across The Poster List, I keep checking their site anticipating new releases. They're GREEN too! All are printing on organic acid free paper, with 100% vegetable ink.....and......THEY DELIVER TO CANADA!!!!!

More from The Poster List that I'm totally crushing over.....

August 25, 2008

Trend Tuesday: Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint has been around forever, but it's only recently that it's been gaining HUGE popularity in interior design. People are painting entire room's with the stuff, with absolutely beautiful results. It's not just sticking to walls either, but also inspiring designer's to create coaster's, pencil cases (see below) and so much more.

For those in Canada, there is TV program on HGTV Canada called The Style Dept. with the Design Editor of Wish Magazine; she painting an oversize armoire with blackboard paint and the results were absolutely stunning!!!!! I've been searching high and low for a photo, but can't find one anywhere online. If anyone has it, or knows where to find it let me know!!!

Pencil case and coaster's from Avril Loreti

Other's I've found on Flickr, in my favorites of course,

(originally uploaded by joe xmas)

(originally uploaded by luvs2sew)

(originally uploaded by theunquietlibrarian)

(from wish magazine)

(from domino magazine)

(from domino magazine)

Mood Monday's: Dreamy Bedroom's.....

I wish I could of slept in today....any one of these beautiful bedroom's would do nicely.

Happy Daydreaming......

originally uploaded by chenxi wang

originally uploaded by poppyseeddesign

originally uploaded by swishlist

originally uploaded by swishlist

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August 21, 2008

TGIF & Toronto Craft Alert

Happy Friday everyone!

It's been a crazy week, and I have to admit i'm looking forward to the weekend.

I found this blog yesterday while sourcing out some art/craft show's in the Toronto area, the Toronto Craft Alert (see below). Again, it's sooo important to support our local independant artisan's and retailer's.

It's AMAZING !!! Everyone must visit, it is an absolute gem created by Jen Anisef.

The intent of the TSA is to build community among local crafters and artisans, and the people interesting in craft events. There is SO much to see at TSA, you must all have a peek!

If you have a blog of interest suiting the content of DecorAddict, please email me at .

August 19, 2008

He says, She says: the bean bag chair

He Says:
My wife asked me, "Why in the world do you want a bean bag chair?" She followed that up with "No way are you getting a bean bag chair ! " So, why is it that I want one ?

Well , we live in a smaller space, and don't have a large living room. After the couch there really isn't very much space. I need a man's chair. There is no room for a recliner or a Barcalounger. Not to mention I'm not small...6'4 -6'5 over 200lbs. I want something comfy that I can just flop down on and enjoy the game or what is that show she has on sometimes ? Y&R ? I guess the fascination began when I was just a little guy.

My Aunt and Uncle (my mom's sister) had a BLACK BEAN BAG in their living room. I loved it. It was the best. It was comfy, I could run and jump into it, ( I did get in trouble for that,but hey I was just a kid) So honey , I say to you , I promise not to run and jump into it, but please let me have my chair?

She says:
No way. xoxo.

BUT, after sourcing some bean bag's for this article, they're not so bad as they used to be !!! Check these out !!! Maybe if we had more space, I could be swayed!!! Nice !

from Verzelloni

from Sumo Lounge

from BeanBagZone

Daily thought from Real Simple Magazine

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."
— Maya Angelou

Visit Real Simple Magazine here .

August 18, 2008

August 16, 2008

off to Leslieville

I'm so excited! I'm heading off to Leslieville with my little list of shop's, cafes and restaurants that I'm intending to check out. My husband is tagging along as my "driver" today ... he's so cute. I finally get to see the new digs since they completed their renovations/merger...they just combined their 2 stores, Flik & Company, and Forest & officially Flik & Company Interior's.

Yowzaa!!! Stay tuned for all my cool and funky finds !

(photo originally uploaded by grahammichaelpowell, more of his Lesliville pics here)

August 15, 2008

my oath to the blogosphere.....

One of my favourite blogs out there is decor8, which I visit at least once a day. The author, Holly Becker has inspired me to be a better blogger (especially since i’m a newbie). Holly lives in Germany 5 months a year, the Boston area for the remainder; she is actually there right now, and she has had a few guest blogger’s this week.

A post went online last night, entitled “A Fine Line: Inspiration or Imitation?”, written by guest blogger Erin, from Design for Mankind. The general theme of the post was how the design world imitates itself, over and over again (read the full post on decor8 here ).

I must say, when I first read the post, it greatly disturbed me. Was I an imitation blogger? Was I copying anyone else’s work? My conscious was disturbed that if/when had I posted something that was plagiarizing someone else? No one had accused me of this, but I couldn't help but wonder if I was sub-consciously imitating everyone else in the design blogosphere? After a discussion with my husband about it, of course it was a big fat NO. Yes, I read a number of design blogs, and visit various websites on a daily basis, not to mention ton's of glossie's...all will influence me, BUT, what I write about is truly genuine, and comes from my own heart and mind.

I have not realized how passionate I am about the design world until I started writing this blog back in early July. My need to be creative is currently being expressed right now, as I write this post! I NEED to express my love for design, and this is where i've chosen to do it. My husband is THRILLED, as now I don't force him to watch HGTV as much as I used too. I've gotten off the couch and i've gotten involved.

As long as you are creating something, anything that you are passionate about, regardless of what your influences may be, the end result will not be something you have imitated, but something that has come from your own heart, mind, and soul.

(image above from Etsy artist, rochelle31, i'll be writing about this local Toronto artist next week!)

Wow. That was deep. :-)

Ta-dah! Have a good weekend everyone,


new content coming soon !!!

I'm working on a whole bunch of stuff for DecorAddict over the next week or two, I've been in contact with some home-grown artists, designer's, and retailer's that I'll be writing about, well, raving about actually as they are truly amazing !!!

This weekend, I'll visiting the east end of Toronto to check out Leslieville, a neighbourhood I've heard about, but for some bizarre reason, I've only driven through it, maybe twice, about 15 year's ago.

Stay tuned, and keep visiting !!!!

Trina :-)

August 12, 2008

from coasters to napkins, with Avril Loreti

I was on the hunt for coaster's a few week's ago, which I finally found at Pier 1. However in my search for cool stuff, I stumbled across a fabulous designer, Avril Loreti. I pictured some of her work in my original coaster search, however in the new Poppytalk Handmade marketplace this month, she also designs napkins!!!! And very cool one's I may add. You can buy them here this month.

(photos from poppytalk handmade)