August 29, 2008

Hi ho hi ho .... it’s antiquing we go !!!

I’m sure my darling husband is kicking himself right now when he agreed to go antiquing with me this Sunday, but it’s just not as much fun if you’re by yourself. I love having a fresh set of eye’s looking through all the dusty book cover’s,stack’s of old kitchen chair’s, and the row’s of dining tables. He may just discover something that I would never have noticed. He may actually enjoy it. He may find his bean bag chair. Is there such a think as an antique bean bag chair? If there is i’m sure he’ll find one. I’m hoping he enjoys the market as much as I do.

There’s nothing like arriving at the antique market, seeing all of these beautiful pieces of furniture, books, china and more, and imagining where that have been before arriving in this field off the highway waiting for a new owner. An owner that will hopefully love, polish, and cherish it, and will hopefully be passed down and loved just as much as the first time.

It remind`s me of my grandmother`s house, from the smell, to the texture of everything. It truly takes you back to days of apple pie and afternoon tea.

There are so many things that inspire me there, as I’m sure they or other things will inspire you.

There is soooo much you can do with old letter press blocks, from an artful wall hanging, or you can frame them creatively in a shadow box. The possibilities are absolutely endless!!! Not to mention inspiring.

(photo originally uploaded by mollycakes)

Old window's look great on their own leaning up against a wall in your home, or even on your mantel. Why not paint them, and create your own original art!

(originally uploaded by terri_tu)

These vintage thread spools would look very kitshy stacked in a shadow box and framed, or even just a bunch of them all lined up on a shelf for display.

(uploaded by sashabogin)

I can't remember the last time I actually used an egg-cup, but if I had these I totally would use them. If you don't eat eggs these would also work wonderfully as a rinsing station for you paintbrushes that you'll be using while artfully creating your painted window frame!

(uploaded by pikaluk)

These chairs require no explanation. They ooze cool

(uploaded by littledollface)

Horseshoe's are lucky to have around, and another interesting thing to collect. Each one is different. It would look very eclectic if you displayed a bunch either as wall art, in a cabinet, or why not on an outside wall of your garden shed? Get at least 3 of different sizes, shapes and colours, and group them in odd numbers for the best effect.

(uploaded by bmann)

Old trucks can be stacked and used as side tables or coffee tables, or if they're still in good shape they make very interesting storage vessels for just about anything if they're large enough, and if they're interesting, you can place them anywhere for some vintage quirky conversation pieces. Wonder where these have been? Tokyo? Paris? Hmmmm. It will bring out the travel bug in you.

(uploaded by bmann)

Happy Hunting!!!!! I can hardly wait!

See you all on Monday,



Lena said...

OK...I have been wanting to go antiquing for the longest time and really have no idea where to begin. Plus, between my fiance and I, we could go broke in places like this. We so very much love anything old and rustic.

Decor Addict said...

Lena....the Aberfoyle Antique Market is the best/and oldest in Canada. Every Sunday from 8am-4pm, it's just before Guelph north of the 401, exit 299 I believe. It's definately worth the drive !!! Once you go you'll be hooked.

Lena said...

That sounds like something we will be trying...after the wedding of course. Thanks Trina:o)