July 19, 2010

Checking in .....

My oh my have I ever missed all of you!

It has been a very busy month, let me tell you! Getting the squirt adjusted to daycare, and myself back to work, has been nothing but exhausting. BUT, I will say, I totally missed work, now that I'm back. I was really stressed out about how I would adjust, but I've been very lucky that the squirt has been nothing but cooperative, and has amazingly adjusted to her caregivers home.

I have barely been only over the past few weeks, so I feel as if I'm lost in the loop so to speak about what's going on in the design blog world. I'm slowly getting on track, and getting up to speed with all my favorite blogs, artists, and shopping destinations; so much so in fact that I should have no problem being back online in full force come Labour Day.

How has your summer been so far? What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

Toodles for now,