July 31, 2008

It's finally here !!!! Ikea 2009 Catalog !!!!!

It's like Christmas!!! One of the best day's of the year is when I come home to find the new Ikea catalog waiting for me....if flipped though it briefly, but I havn't had a chance to really READ it if you Ikea junkies know what I mean.

Visit Ikea Canada to order one now, if you don't have your's yet !!!! It's Gorgeous !!!

July 27, 2008

I think i've finally discovered my own personal style.

I have this old crusty Pier 1 lamp that I bought about 4 year's ago. It's rod-iron, with a red-shade, not to mention about an inch of dust on it. It's quite hideous bought out of desperation trying to style a house for sale. I have finally found some new lamps to replace the allergy ridden red one, and along with it, I think I've finally found what my own personal style is along the way.

When I was looking for pieces this weekend, the majority of the lamps that I was drawn to were fairly modern, either glass or chrome, and quite modern. Sure, I liked them, but not enough to buy them for myself. They were just too.......formal. Yes, that's it. Formal. They would have been perfect for a modern bachelor pad, or a hotel room, but for those of you that know me, I'm not formal at all. I'm very casual, laid back, and want my place to feel the same. The colours I am drawn too are all natural tones from nature such as stone and wood, textures, rather than pattern's. Yes, I live in a modern condo, but all my "things" have a very natural tone to them. Maybe it's the Virgo coming out in me? After all, it is an earth sign.

I continued looking, and by the fourth store I walked in to, I knew I was looking for something ceramic, simple, not to big, but not too small, different, but not tacky that will become outdated in a year. I hit the jackpot at the old B.B. Bargoon's, now inVu Drapery on Dundas Street in Mississauga. I hadn't visited the store in about a year, but I was in the area, and thought, what the heck, let's give it a shot. I had spent many hour's at BB's during my 2 year's in design school going over every single fabric looking for sample's, and I had grown into a huge fan of the store's concept. However since it had changed over to inVu, I was under the impression that it was strictly for drapery supplies, and custom pieces. Well, I was totally wrong. What a HUGE improvement. Yes, their fabric selection has been scaled down to mainly include drapery fabrics, and they still offer custom drapery services as the centre of the store, however they still have a section for custom furniture and accessories which is where I found my new favorite lamps. They are perfect!!! Earthy, simple, textured, the right size, I could go on for hour's really. The price was right as well, only $79.99 each, a total steal considering at the place next door, there were similar lamps for triple that price. No thanks!!! I had a spending limit and I stuck to it. You must ensure you do this too, or else you'll walk away hating yourself for spending $300 on something you aren't absolutely in love with. Just make sure your budget is reasonable. My budget was $100 per lamp, as I knew that anything under that would just get me a plastic Tiffany knock-off from Walmart. :-)

I've also shown below my other finds for the day, a beautiful wooden carving of a couple in love (i'm still honeymooning, what can I say!!), and a new area rug for our living room.

I must chat about the area rug; my husband and I have a bad habit of eating on the couch in front of the TV...forever spilling stuff on the carpet below, thus balsamic vinegar stains are something we are all to familiar with. Solution? An OUTDOOR carpet. Yes, I know, it's pure genius. The carpet we chose is actually a vinyl fibre that looks like sisal, and it has a rubber backing as well. Cleanup is super easy as you can just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. NO stains. Genius, pure genius. And you would never know it was vinyl by sight or touch. Only $100 at Homesense (various sizes are available right now).

(photos, Trina Brandon, decoraddict)

July 26, 2008

....back from L.A.....so much to say !!!

I'm just back from L.A., and I must say i'm totally impressed with an otherwise former ugly city.

I plan to share all I saw and all I learnt, here's a teaser photo from the Custom Hotel, in the LAX/Marina Del Rey area of L.A.

July 19, 2008

had to share....

I was just lurking around flickr this morning, and found this interesting bedroom, not sure what it is about it, but I just want to jump in there and have nap!!!

See you all next week,

July 18, 2008

....a short hiatus....

I'm away from the laptop next week as I will be in "la-la land" for a conference/training for my day-job, but I hope to be taking ton's of picture's of my travels , all design related which of ourse I will post upon my return.

Have a good week everyone !!!

(photo, flickr)

July 14, 2008

Wallpaper Sucks

Whoever invented wallpaper is an absolute moron. Seriously, think about it. It makes no sense. Glue paper to the wall? Yeah, ok. How drunk was that guy.

No thanks, not my speed. For those that do love it, all I can say is you've probably never tried to remove it before. I once spent an entire month of weekends, removing 3 layers of the stuff. Not pretty as you can imagine.

However.....Ta-dah!!!! There is a new absolutely gorgeous solution out there. Wall sticker's, or Wall Decal's. These are removable pieces of vinyl, paper, or fabric, that stick to your wall. The results are absolutely amazing, gorgeous, and just such a nice change from multicoloured chintz wallpaper. Eesh.

The example's shown below are from Surface Collective.

Wall decal's are adhesive vinyl images or graphics that are applied directly onto any flat surface. So easy to apply, and easy to remove as well, you are truly unlimited as to what you an do with them.

I found a few more on Etsy, best site on the planet (kudos).

from Lewa's Design's

from ShaNickers

from Feanine

Exclusive to Rona in Canada are Mur Mur (thank's for the referral Brandon!), offering an absolutely gorgeous line. Unfortunately I can't copy from there site so you'll have to check them out yourself.

Cheer's and happy sticking !!!!

July 11, 2008

Surf & Shop: in search of coasters

It's Friday today, i've worked all week long, i'm tired, and just really want to go home and relax, maybe have a nice cold drink, and hang out with my hubby and just relax.

After I've walked in the door, said hello to Paul with a kiss, I proceed to make myself a big tall glass of ice tea, and take a seat on the sofa. As I do this, I reach for a piece of junk mail to place my glass on, as I know the condensation from the glass with create a ring on our coffee table...a coffee table I may add took a year to find, and I will never give up.

I"M using a piece of junk mail as a coaster? Hmmm. I see a major problem here, and it bugs me. Firstly, that i've let the mail pile up this week that there is still junk mail on the coffee table to begin with, secondly because I can't believe i've never thought of purchasing coaster's. My mom has had the same coaster set for at least 10 years, round pieces of glass, frames in tin, much like a stained glass piece, not really my style. I want something, different, quirky, a conversation starter.....and so my search begins, starting with Etsy.

Avril Loreti - Toronto Classified Coasters - $20

Set of 6 coasters with classified renters ads for Toronto. Each coaster features a different neighbourhood, ie. The Danforth, The Annex, College Street, Little Italy...Description: 6 coasters, 3 1/2" dia, polyester and rubber material with heat transfer print.

ZigZagStiches - Batik Coasters - $8

This is a set of four fabric coasters to set under hot or cold beverages. They will brighten up your home, or could be the perfect hostess gift. They come tied with a ribbon or cord.These are made from cotton batik quilting fabric. The coasters have an inner layer of cotton flannel. They are top-stitched around the edges. Wash in cool water. Dimensions:Approximately 5 inches x 5 inches (12.5 cm x 12.5 cm) . Set of 4.

RikRak - Recycled Vintage Quilted Coasters - $14

Made from fresh, beautiful repurposed vintage fabrics. Set of 4.

(images from etsy)


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July 4, 2008

cool housewarming gifts

Always a challenge, one can only have so many houseplants and martini sets. Here are some very cool, very chic suggestions, brought to you by Etsy.com, everyones favorite handmade superstore.

(images from etsy)

Welcome !

I've been addicted to all things design since I was a kid, from obsessively creating rendering's of my own bedroom over and over again in my pre-teen year's (aqua and pink were my favorite colours back then), to rearranging my parent's living room furniture once a month. I still have every single Ikea catalogue published from 1980, to present. If you know what a Malm is, they I want to be your friend.

Yes, I know. I'm quirky.

I live....breathe....eat....smell.....all things design. So much so, that I need to share. Expand all my knowledge with everyone else out there!!!!
Please visit us frequently as there are almost daily updates to the site, from new stories, to new stores in your area, I have a whole lotta content to share with everyone, which I will post as the days weeks go on. If you can't find what you're looking for on the site, please feel free to email me with your quesitons.

We need to join together, embrace, share idea's!!! Ah-ha!!! That's my moment.


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If you are also a DecorAddict aficionado, I'd love to hear from you as a guest writer, please feel free to drop me a line at decoraddict@gmail.com with your story idea, and we can chat! Do you have a product that you would like featured here on DecorAddict? Then let me know!!!! Preference's will first go to independent Canadian artist's, designers and retailers. Remember, Shop Local my friend's!

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