July 11, 2008

Surf & Shop: in search of coasters

It's Friday today, i've worked all week long, i'm tired, and just really want to go home and relax, maybe have a nice cold drink, and hang out with my hubby and just relax.

After I've walked in the door, said hello to Paul with a kiss, I proceed to make myself a big tall glass of ice tea, and take a seat on the sofa. As I do this, I reach for a piece of junk mail to place my glass on, as I know the condensation from the glass with create a ring on our coffee table...a coffee table I may add took a year to find, and I will never give up.

I"M using a piece of junk mail as a coaster? Hmmm. I see a major problem here, and it bugs me. Firstly, that i've let the mail pile up this week that there is still junk mail on the coffee table to begin with, secondly because I can't believe i've never thought of purchasing coaster's. My mom has had the same coaster set for at least 10 years, round pieces of glass, frames in tin, much like a stained glass piece, not really my style. I want something, different, quirky, a conversation starter.....and so my search begins, starting with Etsy.

Avril Loreti - Toronto Classified Coasters - $20

Set of 6 coasters with classified renters ads for Toronto. Each coaster features a different neighbourhood, ie. The Danforth, The Annex, College Street, Little Italy...Description: 6 coasters, 3 1/2" dia, polyester and rubber material with heat transfer print.

ZigZagStiches - Batik Coasters - $8

This is a set of four fabric coasters to set under hot or cold beverages. They will brighten up your home, or could be the perfect hostess gift. They come tied with a ribbon or cord.These are made from cotton batik quilting fabric. The coasters have an inner layer of cotton flannel. They are top-stitched around the edges. Wash in cool water. Dimensions:Approximately 5 inches x 5 inches (12.5 cm x 12.5 cm) . Set of 4.

RikRak - Recycled Vintage Quilted Coasters - $14

Made from fresh, beautiful repurposed vintage fabrics. Set of 4.

(images from etsy)

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BrandonW said...

This is cool. Your blog looks amazing and professional quality.
Great Job! I cant believe you just whipped this up over the weekend.