July 14, 2008

Wallpaper Sucks

Whoever invented wallpaper is an absolute moron. Seriously, think about it. It makes no sense. Glue paper to the wall? Yeah, ok. How drunk was that guy.

No thanks, not my speed. For those that do love it, all I can say is you've probably never tried to remove it before. I once spent an entire month of weekends, removing 3 layers of the stuff. Not pretty as you can imagine.

However.....Ta-dah!!!! There is a new absolutely gorgeous solution out there. Wall sticker's, or Wall Decal's. These are removable pieces of vinyl, paper, or fabric, that stick to your wall. The results are absolutely amazing, gorgeous, and just such a nice change from multicoloured chintz wallpaper. Eesh.

The example's shown below are from Surface Collective.

Wall decal's are adhesive vinyl images or graphics that are applied directly onto any flat surface. So easy to apply, and easy to remove as well, you are truly unlimited as to what you an do with them.

I found a few more on Etsy, best site on the planet (kudos).

from Lewa's Design's

from ShaNickers

from Feanine

Exclusive to Rona in Canada are Mur Mur (thank's for the referral Brandon!), offering an absolutely gorgeous line. Unfortunately I can't copy from there site so you'll have to check them out yourself.

Cheer's and happy sticking !!!!

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