July 4, 2008

Welcome !

I've been addicted to all things design since I was a kid, from obsessively creating rendering's of my own bedroom over and over again in my pre-teen year's (aqua and pink were my favorite colours back then), to rearranging my parent's living room furniture once a month. I still have every single Ikea catalogue published from 1980, to present. If you know what a Malm is, they I want to be your friend.

Yes, I know. I'm quirky.

I live....breathe....eat....smell.....all things design. So much so, that I need to share. Expand all my knowledge with everyone else out there!!!!
Please visit us frequently as there are almost daily updates to the site, from new stories, to new stores in your area, I have a whole lotta content to share with everyone, which I will post as the days weeks go on. If you can't find what you're looking for on the site, please feel free to email me with your quesitons.

We need to join together, embrace, share idea's!!! Ah-ha!!! That's my moment.


(image from ikea)

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