August 16, 2008

off to Leslieville

I'm so excited! I'm heading off to Leslieville with my little list of shop's, cafes and restaurants that I'm intending to check out. My husband is tagging along as my "driver" today ... he's so cute. I finally get to see the new digs since they completed their renovations/merger...they just combined their 2 stores, Flik & Company, and Forest & officially Flik & Company Interior's.

Yowzaa!!! Stay tuned for all my cool and funky finds !

(photo originally uploaded by grahammichaelpowell, more of his Lesliville pics here)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the hood! You should start at Greenwood and hit Jaws Antiques as well as an espresso at the Red Rocket then make your way westward to Riverside :) So much to do!!