August 15, 2008

my oath to the blogosphere.....

One of my favourite blogs out there is decor8, which I visit at least once a day. The author, Holly Becker has inspired me to be a better blogger (especially since i’m a newbie). Holly lives in Germany 5 months a year, the Boston area for the remainder; she is actually there right now, and she has had a few guest blogger’s this week.

A post went online last night, entitled “A Fine Line: Inspiration or Imitation?”, written by guest blogger Erin, from Design for Mankind. The general theme of the post was how the design world imitates itself, over and over again (read the full post on decor8 here ).

I must say, when I first read the post, it greatly disturbed me. Was I an imitation blogger? Was I copying anyone else’s work? My conscious was disturbed that if/when had I posted something that was plagiarizing someone else? No one had accused me of this, but I couldn't help but wonder if I was sub-consciously imitating everyone else in the design blogosphere? After a discussion with my husband about it, of course it was a big fat NO. Yes, I read a number of design blogs, and visit various websites on a daily basis, not to mention ton's of glossie's...all will influence me, BUT, what I write about is truly genuine, and comes from my own heart and mind.

I have not realized how passionate I am about the design world until I started writing this blog back in early July. My need to be creative is currently being expressed right now, as I write this post! I NEED to express my love for design, and this is where i've chosen to do it. My husband is THRILLED, as now I don't force him to watch HGTV as much as I used too. I've gotten off the couch and i've gotten involved.

As long as you are creating something, anything that you are passionate about, regardless of what your influences may be, the end result will not be something you have imitated, but something that has come from your own heart, mind, and soul.

(image above from Etsy artist, rochelle31, i'll be writing about this local Toronto artist next week!)

Wow. That was deep. :-)

Ta-dah! Have a good weekend everyone,


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design for mankind. said...

Awww, I love this post, dear. Keep going for what you dream of--- and stay involved! It's what makes this community so wonderful. :)