August 19, 2008

He says, She says: the bean bag chair

He Says:
My wife asked me, "Why in the world do you want a bean bag chair?" She followed that up with "No way are you getting a bean bag chair ! " So, why is it that I want one ?

Well , we live in a smaller space, and don't have a large living room. After the couch there really isn't very much space. I need a man's chair. There is no room for a recliner or a Barcalounger. Not to mention I'm not small...6'4 -6'5 over 200lbs. I want something comfy that I can just flop down on and enjoy the game or what is that show she has on sometimes ? Y&R ? I guess the fascination began when I was just a little guy.

My Aunt and Uncle (my mom's sister) had a BLACK BEAN BAG in their living room. I loved it. It was the best. It was comfy, I could run and jump into it, ( I did get in trouble for that,but hey I was just a kid) So honey , I say to you , I promise not to run and jump into it, but please let me have my chair?

She says:
No way. xoxo.

BUT, after sourcing some bean bag's for this article, they're not so bad as they used to be !!! Check these out !!! Maybe if we had more space, I could be swayed!!! Nice !

from Verzelloni

from Sumo Lounge

from BeanBagZone


Passion For Rugs @atticmag said...

Hey, found you on twitter! So happy I did.

I was in the "she said" camp until I saw the one from Verzelloni. That looks mega comfy, and just right for the Mr. So I'm changing my vote! Besides, how do you say no to such a sweet looking guy?;-)

Would love to invite you to Atticmag's Links We Love list but don't see an email contact for you. If you're interested, please let me know! Best, Jane

Diana said...

I can completely relate to this post! My sister and brother-in-law are not avid decorators, and bought some very comfortable and functional heavy duty bean bags that my hubby fell in love with. But they would look awful in our living room! But, seeing some of these you've posted, maybe I should rethink my position!