February 7, 2009

Love This! {pastel masking tape}

I MUST have this. Pure genius. Beautiful. Pretty. Love this! The Japanese are brilliant!

See the full details here, or you can get them via DWR as well.

There is soooo much you could do with this!!! I can't even begin to imagine the possibilities. Masking tape just doesn't have to be for taping your trip before you paint, you can use this in so many of your craft projects. Collages, scrapbooking, OMG this is the best thing since I discovered my craft punch that rounds corners.

Yes, I'm losing it obsiously.

Thank you to the kazillion other blogs that have already posted this...I had to share this as well!!!

1 comment:

Tracey said...

Great to know about! I have actually been using colored electrical tape- this should be much more fun!