February 16, 2009

Ready Made Magazine

I spent some time in the magazine section of Chapters over the weekend, trying to find myself a viable replacement for the demise of Domino.

The only North American glossie that held my attention and kept me coming back for more was ReadyMade. I'll admit, it's the first time I've actually bought the magazine, however I have been a frequent visitor to their website for some time now.

Now, I wasn't able to find much on their website about their current issue, so I've taken some photo's of my own copy...c'mon ReadyMade! Get to it!

I grabbed the Feb/Mar 2009 issue, whose theme is entertaining at home - a great idea considering these grim economic times. But, what really grasped my attention were the most original DIY ideas, along with the instructions on how to execute them!

Chalkboard Wine Rack - LOVE THIS!

"Hiding the Uglies"
...you know the culprits, icky thermostats, old radiators etc...

But, my ultimate favorite has to me this quirky funky ceiling fixture, made from 12 glass balls from CB2.

AND, they give you the FULL instructions on how to do it!!!

This is something I may just have to try on my own.

Not only is ReadyMade for the DIY lover, but for the interiors fan as well. With a house tour a feature in every issue, along with a food feature, and entertaining tips, this may just be my new favorite glossie. Especially with Domino out the window (yes, I'm still mourning)

House Tour
Souliyahm & Tia Keobounpheng's Minneapolis Ranch House

Thank you ReadyMade. You have just restored by creative mental block.

UPDATE: I just found a digital issue of ReadyMade here!

all images by decoraddict


Patricia Torres said...

Those are great DIYs.. I love the chalkboard concept!! Excellent... Oh.. Thanks for sharing!

TheFinishingTouch said...

Great suggestion for a "Domino replacement"! I'd never paid that much attention to it. Think I'll stop by the local book store on my lunch break...

J said...

It is a great magazine. I love both Blueprint ( which was gone last year) and Dominio. WHY!! Definitely get Readymade. The DIY ideas are greats. I got one issue of where you can make a storage bed that they sell for XXXX amount of money for a fraction. Love your blog!!