February 20, 2009

DecorAddict needs your help! {and happy weekend!}

I emailed AT today, as I'm truly at a loss. My hubby and I recently purchased a
Malm King size bed from, but I can't decide on nightstands.....trying to shy away from the Malm nightstands....as I think they go too well. Know what I mean?

You can see the thread, and comment here!

Looking forward to seeing every one's suggestions, and I just can't seem to find anything that goes, or that I like so far.


designbabylon said...

Hey There --

I think you are spot-on @ not wanting to get the Malmo nightstands with the Malmo bed. It looks too matchy-matchy.

I'm a big fan of using two different style nightstands/tables to mix things up. If one person doesn't require a ton of storage next to the bed, I love using a round pedestal table.

I did a quick scan of West Elm + CB2, + Chiasso and this is what I came up with to get you started:







I wouldn't recommend matching the finish of the nightstands to the bed either (that matchy-matchy thing again) Look at the color of your walls, bedding, rugs, and any other furnishings in your bedroom to choose the finish you want.

I hope this was helpful!


Lauren said...

So, I realize this is an old post haha but I just wanted to share my thoughts :)

I bought a Malm bed last summer for my new apartment, and my mom gave me a tiny little table to use as a nightstand. (It is just a student apartment, so I wasn't really being too picky haha) But I absolutely LOVE the idea of using a chair as a night table! I'd never even really thought of it until I went to your thread and saw what they suggested. I think that my tiny little table might have to find a new home since I have the perfect chair in mind :)

What did you end up deciding on?