September 22, 2008

Wallpapering everything but your walls

If they could only come up with a simple way to remove it, I’d be on it like glue (no pun intended). I am absolutely LOVING the new patterns coming out this fall, and spring ’09. Although I don’t think I could personally commit to putting it on a wall, I would most definitely consider using it in other applications such as in a frame, on on a piece of furniture. What? Wallpaper furniture? Yes, my friends, it can be done.

Here are a couple example’s of some DIY wallpaper project’s that don’t include a wall.

• Book covers
• Drawer liner
• Back of a shelf or bookcase
• Cover the outside of a dresser
• In a frame

I found some examples on over Apartment Therapy illustrating these examples of framed wallpaper, both new pieces and vintage:

images from Apartment Therapy

There is a great DIY project on Design*Sponge with instructions on how to properly line dresser drawer’s:

images from design*sponge

On the left, this gorgeous bookshelf is on Apartment Therapy, love the boldness of this pattern! On the right, these Ikea storage boxes covered in pretty wallpaper are shown in a house tour of fellow Canadian Claire Louise Milne over at decor8.

images from Apartment Therapy and decor8

Here are some beautiful patterns I found from Farrow & Ball that I absolutely this would be beautiful in any of the applications noted above. F&B’s patterns are subtle elegance at it’s best.

images from Farrow & Ball

Ferm Living, a Danish design company specializing in “graphic lifestyle” products; includes not only wallpaper, but wall stickers and fabrics as well. Their design’s are simple, yet timeless and fun. A few of my favorites are below, and the best part about them is that they do ship to Canada!

images from Ferm Living, clockwise from top left, fairy flower, wilderness, berry black, tree bomb

There are hundred's of applications for wallpaper, besides the wall, and I encourage you to try them all. I did a google search and found hundred's upon hundred's of online resources, so don't limit yourself to the big box stores. There is so much more out there to choose from!


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