September 30, 2008

It I Had A Million Dollar's, I'd Buy Lots of BOOKS !

I am a sucker for books. Not just decorating books, but all kinds of books. Coffee table, novels, travel guides, journals, the list goes on and on. We have one bookcase in our house, an IKEA Lack, 5 shelves, in a dark espresso color. I love that bookshelf, but I need another one. Not just for all our books, but for all our stuff. It tends to collect stuff. But that’s another story, which I’ll get into once we’ve moved into our new place.

I’m rambling again, so sorry about that, I’d like to get back to the point of my story, BOOKS!!! I’ve had to give myself a book allowance each month, or else I’d be broke. I can spend hours upon hours in a bookstore, absorbing as much information and beauty as I can. I just wish books weren’t so expensive here in Canada! But thank goodness for Chapters iRewards program, it’s saving a little bit of money at least.

I’ve just ordered Taking Flight: Inspiration & Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings, by Kelly Rae Roberts from Chapters . I’ve been to 3 stores in the past 2 weeks, and it’s sold out everywhere, thank goodness it’s available online! I heard about this book via various blogs that I read daily, and I’ve been on the hunt ever since. I can’t wait for it to arrive! Hopefully it will be in my hands by week’s end! You can read more about the book here .

(image from Kelly Rae Roberts)

Here are a few books that are on my list, some havn't been released yet, but are available for pre-order from Chapter's online store. I’ll have to see if these are are in this months book budget!

Stencil 101, Colin & Justin’s Home Heist Style Guide, Kate Spade “Style”, and Nature Printing

What are some of your favorite books? New or Old?

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Fancy for nyc said...

1.the brief and wonderful life of Oscar Wao
2.I was told there'd be cake
3.Flowers for Algernon
6.How the Garcia girls lost their accents.

all time favorite reads!!!