September 23, 2008

Crafting Canada with goodEGG industries

goodEGG is a collaborative effort by Jen Anisef from Toronto Craft Alert (TCA) & City of Craft, and Laural Raine of I found goodEGG via the TCA blog before I started contributing to their “Questions with Crafter’s” feature, and was so happy to see that someone was supporting the Canadian independent craft community. There are so many new and exciting craft artists in Canada that they need to be shared with Canada, and the rest of the world! goodEGG is the best place to do that.

Their wares are distributed into categories, “carry, embellish, nest, play, wear, and write”. I, of course always go straight to the nest section in which various home decor item’s can be found.

One of my favorite Etsy seller's, Avril Loreti also sells here at goodEGG....I have to support my fellow canuck so I'll be purchasing from goodEGG instead of Etsy when the need arises! (sorry Etsy).

I was searching through nest this morning, and fell in love with these storage boxes, for only $35 each from bookhou design.....

I hope all you fellow Canadians, and those that enjoy Canadian design visit and shop this shop regularly! I know I will!

(all images from goodEGG)

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