September 19, 2008

I'm gushing over Domino Mag....again

I discovered Domino Magazine a few year’s ago purely by accident while in a convenience store near my home in Mississauga, Ontario. I saw it, bought it immediately, and have been hooked ever since. I’m just sorry it’s not Canadian.

Domino, September 2008 issue

At first I had a tough time finding a copy each month, it was so new, that only the big box bookstores were carrying it at the beginning. Thankfully, I can now pick up my Domino almost anywhere.

I just grabbed up the September 2008 issue yesterday, and immediately flipped through it as quickly as I could, absorbing all the amazing beautiful things that I could in the 2 minutes at the check-out counter. I spent the majority of the evening last night reading it from cover to cover, and once again am in love with so many beautiful things. Unfortunately my bank account isn’t big enough to have them all!

I’ve just gone through the issue once again, yes, this would be the 3rd time in less than 24 hours, and I’ve marked off all my favorite things in this issue, that i’m sure you will love too.

Page 32 (other side of the sticker page) has the most beautiful
collection of vintage, both repro and authentic, hence the title
of the page, "Victorian Gothic". I'm loving the deep royal purple's,
and the feel of glamour. Scrumptious!

Page 68, love love LOVE this colour palette, Mom, I hope you do too,
remember when I said I'd paint your kitchen? Tee-hee!!!

Page 112, Fashion Designer Vanessa Bruno gives Domino reader's a tour
of her Paris Apartment. I wonder if she has room's to let?

Page 122, Morocco is still on my long list of places to visit in my
lifetime, luckily now I'll know where to shop!

Page 136, yet another beautiful house tour, this time of Helmut Lang
creative directors, Nicole and Michael Colovos; partners in marriage and enterprise

If you ever have the chance to pick up Domino, I highly recommend it. It's one addiction I have NO intention of breaking.

Toodles, and happy weekend,

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