October 18, 2011

my top 7 sources for interior inspiration

I am a total inspiration junkie. And in internet surfing addict. And an HGTV addict. Among other things. I thought i'd give you all the head's up as to where I find ideas for designing others homes, as well as my own. I hope you can find some inspiration as well!

My top 7 sources for interior inspiration are .....

1. Pinterest
Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you know what Pinterest is and what it's about. I love the fact that I can search for a specific idea, like "bed on floor" and it will respond with hundreds of photos of beds on the floor. I don't Pin my own things, as I like to save those in a private folder, but I do repin and create boards on Pinterest for general inspiration ideas. Be careful though, you may become addicted!

2. Google Reader
I LOVE Google Reader. It’s the only way that I can keep all my favorite blogs and websites in one place. If you read more than 10 blogs or websites on a regular basis, you must use this.

3. Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters (both online, in store is too dangerous for me)
These 2 stores combined pretty much sum up my personal aesthetic. I love the wish list feature and send them to my mother constantly hoping she'll buy me stuff. Sometime it works too!

4. Etsy
Need I say more? Totally self explanatory. I love to see what everyone else is doing as it fuels my own creativity, and I use others idea’s to help inspire my own unique ideas.

5. Realtor.ca or Realtor.com in the USA
I am obsessed with Real Estate listings. What can I say, I love to dream, and love to imagine living in a 2 million dollar home, not because it’s 2 million dollars but because the design of these homes are usually unique and fabulous.

6. Digital Magazines
There are sooo many digital magazines out there right now – for FREE. I’ve personal stopped buying hard copies! Why spend the money when I can get them for free online! Between Lonny, Rue, and Covet Garden, not to mention many more, I can't decide on a favorite. They are all amazing, and all different.

7. Getting Outside
There are endless ideas out there, and so many unique neighbourhoods, especially where I live. Toronto has hundreds of little neighbourhoods, and outside Toronto there are so many small quaint towns within a short drive, I love to just hop in the car to go for a drive to them! This especially fuels my ideas for a house oneday. Love seeing what others have done to the exterior of their homes. And it’s a great source of architectural inspiration as well


Brooke Shambley said...

I am so on board with all of your favorite sources of inspiration! I live on Pinterest, Etsy, and sites like Anthropologie. Love the choices.

Designwali said...

couldn't agree with you more..fab sources!