October 28, 2011

townhome solutions?

OK, let's be honest.  I'm not really a "house" person.  Yes, I love sitting outdoors, on a patio, deck, backyard what have you, BUT I really don't want to maintain it.  My solution for this?  A townhouse.  One in which the outside portion is maintained by the townhouse complex.  Sure, you pay a maintenance fee for this, but a fee that I think is well worth it NOT to have to worry about it. 

There is a townhouse complex in one of the neighbourhoods that we like, also in a good school district, close to shopping and transit, not to mention a community centre across the street.  It's perfect.  The one and only drawback to this complex, is that the majority of the homes in the complex come with stairs.  This of course is not an issue for myself, my husband, or my daughter, but since one day my mom will be coming to live with us, it could be a challenge.

The uniqueness of the architecture, and the grounds are what drew me to this complex in the first place.  Have a peek, and let me know what you think!

 image via mls.ca

AND, this particular home fronts onto a ravine, so super duper privacy, AND there us underground parking!  AND it's in our price range!  And it's HUGE at about 1800 sq. feet!  

Now if I can only convince my mom about the stairs!  (I'm hoping she's reading this!)

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