August 21, 2010

porch drapery

Those that know me well know that I love a porch. Well, actually I obsess over front porches. Always have, always will.

This probably stems from the fact that in the neighborhood I grew up in, it seemed every single house had this massive front porch. All my friends had one, but since we lived in an apartment, no porch.

My fellow Toronto blogger's, Aubrey + Lindsay have just implemented an aspect of their own front porch that seems to be an issue these days. Privacy. Usually when you have a porch, so do all of your neighbor's. Sit on your porch and look to the left or right and you can see through everyone else's porch, and see everyone else. A quick fix, install drapes. Huh? Not convinced? Have a peek-a-boo and now tell me what you think.



Pretty cool, eh? Not convinced yet?

How about now? Yeah, I thought so.

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Meg Burns Dolson said...

I LOVE the idea of curtains on porches. I think its a great way to get a breezy, beachy feeling. They also give the feeling of an outdoor room. They're also great because they're could place the curtain rod all the way around your porch and move the curtains as the sunlight changes. Or if you host a patio party, create a shady area for children or guests who are more likely to burn.