October 21, 2008

Trend Tuesday: Japanese Pop

I'm loving EQ3's Japanese Pop collection of home accessories this fall, adorable, cute, and colourful, any one of these pieces would add just the perfect amount of whimsy to any space.

top row, Japanese punk dolls, $15 ea
middle row, Pick-Up-Sticks Chopstick Set $11/pair, SAKURA Queen Duvet Set $100, Fuji Medium Planter $40 ea
bottom row, Crane Pillow $25, Daishi Decorative Ball (large) $6, KEIO Medium Box $20

These decorative accessories led me on a search for some homes in Asia.....

full house tour via Apartment Therapy, Jerry & Catherine's Small Space Style
(image from Apartment Therapy, via Jerry Tong)

Does anyone remember the movie Pretty in Pink? Anyone remember Iona's apartment? I LOVED that apartment. It too had hits of Asian influences. So bohemian, so cute!

See what Happy Mundane has to say about the interiors of Pretty in Pink.

If all this is just little too much for you, however you still want to inject some Japanese or Asian style, the easier way to do this is through wall art. Here are some of my personal favorites from Art.com. It doesn't take much, just one piece.

I'm going to stop here, as if I don't I'll be up all night posting photo after photo of amazing ideas for your home with Asian and/or Japanese influences. There are oodles of idea's all over the web, and on various blogs as well. Happy surfing, and feel free to share with us what you found, and what your favorites are!

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