January 2, 2009

Trying something new, blogging from Word 2007

This is kind of a test post, I'm trying out Word 2007's blogging feature to basically see what it can and cannot do. I have no idea how this is going to work, or even how it's going to work. So far though, I prefer typing out my post in word instead of that tiny little box in Blogger that is like 2 inches x 4 inches – note to blogger, make this box bigger!!! That is my one major pet-peeve about blogger, otherwise I love it.

The DecorAddict Flickr group is growing! We have some new pics uploaded by michelleverd, check them out below (hopefully these pics will upload!)

all images from michelleverd

Thanks Michelle!

(Note - uploading photos from Flickr to Word 2007 doesn't seem to work...hmm....any suggestions anyone? Looks like I'll have to upload photos directly from Blogger, anyone know an easier way from word? I'd rather not store my photos on my hard drive...gotta save space!)

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