January 28, 2009

It's a sad, SAD, day today. Domino Magazine to close.

As reported on MediaWeek,

"Condé Nast made the long-expected decision to close Domino, the publishing company's three-year-old, hip shelter magazine. The March issue will be the last. The editor and publisher, Deborah Needleman and Beth Brenner, will leave the company. Some staffers are expected to be placed elsewhere in the company."

No more website either. So sad. Sniff.


fleababe said...

Domino-my absolute favorite magazine. Yet another indication of our awful economy. Budget Living was the other magazine that I was sad to see go. I saved every issue of Domino, plus bought the book, which is very inspiring.Domino brought the high/low decorating concept to the masses in a way that no publication had managed before.I think all the design blogs will be replacing magazines, which is wonderful for giving us one individual's point of view but just awful when we realize another industry is in the hole.

J said...

That truly sucks.I like them and Blueprint(another one that bit the dust)and Ikea Space ( remember that one). I guess we will have to just carry on and find inspiration in blogs and on the web. Good design is always out there to discover.