January 7, 2009

French Bedroom Company UK

Unfortunately, this shop doesn't deliver to Canada and the USA directly, however they will ship to a 3rd party locally, or to a freight forwarder, so it is not entirely impossible!

What I love most about the French Bedroom Company is the photography. Simply divine, whimsical, almost like a fairy tale, don't you think? Absolutely stunning.

{all images from French Bedroom Company UK}

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moko said...

i like your pictures. I've been looking for a home magazine that has the same cool style like the Domino Magazine that i used to subscribe to, but now it's no longer available so I've been looking for those kind of magazines. If you happen to know of a good interior design magazine that is really good let me know. My email is princetongirl929@hotmail.com :)
I live in the U.S.