April 19, 2009

Arren Williams {stylist extraordinaire!}

You've probably heard of Arren Williams, Canadian Stylist extraordinaire? No? Well, be prepared, he's already taking the country by storm, who knows where he'll end up next.

Arren describes himself as a freelance stylist, editor and trend reporter, his work appearing in many Canadian publications such as Flare, Canadian Family, as well as being a regular guest expert on CityTV's CityLine.

His "style" is so eclectic, appealing not only to the jet-set uber crowd, but also to the more common everyday family. Here is a brief selection of some of his work below:

Magazine: Home Depot Dreambook
Art Director: Brenda Van Ginkel

Magazine: Style at Home
Art Director: Susan Rogers
Photographer: Yvonne Duivenvoorden

Magazine: Flare
Art Director: Tanya Watt
Photographer: Donna Griffith

Magazine: Home Depot Dreambook
Art Director: Brenda Van Ginkel

Magazine: Canadian House & Home
Art Director: Maarten Sluyter
Photographer: Angus Fergusson

Magazine: Chatelaine
Art Director: Caren Watkins
Photographer: Luis Albuquerque

Arren, if you're out there reading this, can you come to my house? Please? ;-)


Caitlin said...

Oh wow! Those are all gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I'll have to keep my eye out for his work! I love your blog!!

Amanda K Lockrow said...

I love the cabinet lining, it's such a pretty color.

Concha said...

He's fabulous!!

I'm becoming more and more interested in photo styling so I always jump when I see a stylist's work featured on a blog!

Thanks! :)

art4friends said...

hi there!
just thought I would leave a little note to mention that I absolutely love your blog and I am now adding you to be reader.
I am obsessed with decor at the moment, so hey! what better blog to follow!!

Renee x

Arren Williams said...

Hi Trina, Thanks for your kind words and glad you like my work!

Cheers, Arren