April 20, 2009

Brooklyn Flea

I’ve had a fantasy for about the past 15 years about living in a foreign city. A lot of people have this same dream, but most dream of a Paris Apartment, or a beach house in Thailand. My international residency would be in New York City. Not that I could ever afford it, so I think Brooklyn would be more manageable. Not to mention isn’t Brooklyn THE cool place to be these days? Affordable housing (compared to Manhattan), cool new restaurants, and just an edgier hipper vibe than NYC.

I’ll often visit local websites/blogs written specifically for residents of NYC and the neighbouring boroughs, just to peek into the culture and the lifestyle. Yes, the city that I live, Toronto has it’s own vibe to it, but I must tell you, there is NOTHING like standing in the middle of times square at midnight, any day of the week. There is this energy that I just can’t compare to ANYTHING else.

I was made aware of a new staple in Brooklyn this week, the Brooklyn Flea. An urban outdoor market that takes place every Saturday & Sunday from April to December. The market was launched last spring by friends Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler, who also author the Brooklyn real estate/renovation blog, Brownstoner. With over 150 vendors offering everything from vintage clothing, antiques, collectibles, new jewelry, local artisans, and amazing food, this market is truly one of a kind, unlike any other, anywhere.

image from Brooklyn Flea

Lucky for us, some of their vendors are available online, so we can virtually visit portions of this market any time we’d like, all year round. I will make it to Brooklyn one day however, I surely will.

Kumquat Cupcakery
website, blog

images from Kumquat Cupcakery

LOOK AT THESE! Besides from being absolutely adorable, they are delicious! Or so I hear. The next time someone from the GTA is in Brooklyn/NYC on a weekend, please grab me some (this means you Stephanie!). I must try these! Yummy!

Alison Tauber
website, blog, Etsy

image from Alison Tauber

The perfect chance to meet an see an Etsy seller up close and personal. Alison screen prints her own fabrics transforming them into handmade pillows, crafts, and clothing. She offers custom work a well. Gorgeous!

image from Alison Tauber

Not enough eye candy for you? You can visit the full vendor list of the Brooklyn Flea here.


Creategirl said...

great post, it made me want to drive down there for the next market! Those little bud vases are so sweet, thanks for sharing

parallel-botany said...

You know more about NYC than I do!

In typical insular Manhattanite fashion, I actually haven't been to the Flea, as I rarely go to Brooklyn...

It's on my to-do list, I promise! This spring and summer for sure :)

Heather said...

Fun! I was meaning to drag my husband there last weekend, but then had family visit. It's on my radar!

lisa tilse said...

Great post. Oh I wish I could go there! But I guess a flight from Australia is a bit extravagant. Love your blog - I came here via Holly's course.

Fancy for nyc said...

Yep, Brooklyn does have it all. Now i'm gonna have to make it down to this flea market. I've heard of it from a good friend but never made the trip.