April 16, 2009

Colour! {mood board}

I absolutely LOVE this bold colour scheme. I found this via the ColourLovers site. Have you ever visited it before? It’s tres cool, with sooo many colour palettes to choose from that are created by it’s members or by the ColourLovers staff. Absolutely delicious and yummy!

image from colourlovers

Raspberry sorbet anyone? Tee-hee! That is a GORGEOUS colour!

IF and I mean IF i had the guts, I would absolutely apply this colour scheme to my own home. If I wasn’t expecting in 12 weeks, I would be at the paint store now deciding on one or maybe more of these to paint our apartment.

Too bold you say? Hmmm. Maybe this will make you think again:

image by decoraddict

clockwise, from top left; lanterns-Anthropologie, India ink curtains-Anthropologie, spine wood bookcase-West Elm, fiery dawn rug-Anthropologie, trollsta sideboard-Ikea, Jules side tables-Crate and Barrel, cascara coffee table-Anthropologie, fruiteria lamp-Anthropologie, Martine sofa-Crate and Barrel, sui generis frame-Anthropologie, bird-Anthropologie

I'm not sure which of these 5 shades I'd go with ultimately for the walls. Because it's so saturated, I'd probably choose 1-2 feature walls and go with 1 or 2 of the 2 brightest shades, the remaining walls a nice bright white. This will make these gorgeous brights pop!

Sigh. Maybe I'll have this guts this fall to take the plunge. Hmmm....now I'm thinking I just might.........

What do you think? Are you scared of colour? Do you use it sparingly, or wherever you can?


Amy said...

Love those colors! I typically like to do neutral walls and have art and pillows that are colorful - that way it is easier to change stuff up if the mood hits - which it often does...

Michelle said...

I wasn't so sure about the color combo at first but your mood board really brings them all together nicely. the rung and the sofa are gorgeous together.

That Girl Designs said...

Oh, I really enjoy that site and playing around with all the colors. You did a fabulous job with this style collage. Hope your weekend is relaxing and happy!

Vicki said...

I'm a student from Holly's e-course and just stopped by to say "hi" and look at your blog. Thank you for all the great information and eye candy! Keep it coming!

~ Vicki, Matisse Color Consulting