April 9, 2009

Heart Handmade, and Happy Easter!!!

One of my favorite blogs is Heart Handmade, run by the lovely Marichelle.

The awesome folks over at Etsy have invited her to host their next Shop Live event, TODAY, Thursday April 9th, at 7pm EST, via webcam. She's decided to call it the 30 minute sale!

a short description:

"Thirty products from 30 different artists, handpicked by me! Each artist has provided at least one listing/item specially priced for this 30-Minute SHOP LIVE sale event. Registered users can save up to 25% on regular prices and free shipping on select items. Some of the artists are even having all day sales in celebration of the event - stay tuned for details, I'll be posting about their special deals tomorrow morning so you can get your shop on early!"

Visit Etsy asap to sign up and to particiate in this event.


I'm signing off early for the week, tomorrow is Good Friday, and luckily I have the day off! I've been madly loving the e-course that I'm participating in that started this week, taught by the lovely Holly from decor8, entitles "Blogging Your Way". I'm learing so much already, and I hope all of you will be able to appreciate the benefits this e-course will bring to DecorAddict in the future!

image from 2 guys in Poznan

See you all on Monday,

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