April 9, 2009

Wish You Were Here

I know I said I was signing off for the weekend, but I just received the nicest email from Fiona and Ben over at Wish You Were Here in the UK. Have I mentioned before how must I love UK designers and illustrators? I think in a past life I must have been English, and over the past few years I just can't get enough of the lifestyle and culture there.

Any who, back on to topic, Wish You Were Here (WYWH) was created by Fiona and Ben O'Brien (aka Ben the Illustrator), a husband and wife team based in the UK. With Fiona's background in advertising, and a knack for design, ideas, interiors, and Ben's awesome talent as an illustrator, they've collaborated together to create and build WYWH!

The WYWH concept was to "create a brand of illustrated functional items that the house proud, design conscious could enjoy in their home" . Check out some of their amazing graphic art prints below!

"We wanted a way for people to enjoy the optimism and vibrancy of Ben's illustrations in the comfort of their own home, and better still be able to use the items everyday!. Our aim is to produce beautifully conceived prints and products that retain our eco and humanitarian ethics, envelope them in Ben’s awe-inspiring, colourful illustrations creating the perfect combination of function and beauty".

"We understand that times are a little more difficult out there at the moment so we wanted to create uplifting artwork that offered people affordable escapism from their everyday grind. In a time where expensive, luxury escapes are not as possible, the aim of WYWH is to bring those beautiful, far away, idyllic places directly to you, beautifying your home in the process!"

Wish You Were Here
Ben the Illustrator

Ben's Flickr page
Fiona's Flickr page
Fiona's Blog

all images from WYWH

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