April 28, 2009

Link Love {FoundVintageStyle & GreavesDesign}

Lovely fellow Canadian Carol of Greaves Design & Found Vintage Style is a biz-e girl! A blog, 2 Etsy shops, and a set designer to boot! Of course when I saved Carol's blog, I didn't note how I found it, but that really doesn't matter now does it. :-)

Her first Etsy shop, FoundVintageStyle, that I thought I'd show you today focuses on good design. Vintage staplers, dictionaries, and even shoes can be found here.

all images from FoundVintageStyle

Her other Etsy shop, GreavesDesign, showcases Carol amazing talent for handmade jewellery. I usually don't feature jewellery designers here on DecorAddict, but this I just couldn't resist. The detail in her pieces is absolutely breathtaking!

all images from GreavesDesign

Happy drooling! My husband already has our mop out. :-)


greavesdesign said...

Oh I am so honoured by this post, how lovely...

I guess I am busy but thriving. I love what I do so much. Finding hidden treasures can be as creative and satisfying as making my textile pieces... in it's own way!

Thank you again. I love your blog...

Decor Addict said...

Keep the amazing work Carol, you are so talented!