April 15, 2009

Link Love {Gathering Spriggs}

Don't you just love it when 2 or more people collaborate to create something? This is the case with today's blog, Gathering Spriggs. "An artistic collaboration between Eve Peach and Heather Spriggs Thompson". Don't you wish your name was Eve Peach? Adorable.

Gathering Spriggs is one part online shop, and one part online gallery feature. I'm so happy I found this blog via my e-course! These 2 beauties gather inspiration from nature to create new re purposed handmade items for your own personal environment. They have also created a sense of community at Gathering Spriggs drawing together artists, customers, and crafters together by showcasing works of new artists and crafters at Gathering Spriggs.

all images above from Gathering Spriggs

I was peeking at their Flickr page as well, and Heather has uploaded some pics of her home, absolutely beautiful here.

Did you know that Heather also runs her own faux finishing business entitled Heather Thompson Faux Finishing? I'm not talking chicken's, roosters, and sponge painting here. I'm talking elegance and old world style at it's best! Where does she find the time?

all images above from Heather Thompson Faux Finishing

A few years ago when I was looking for a job change, I once applied to be a "faux finishing apprentice". Unfortunately for me the job was filled very quickly. Hmm...wonder what could of been?

Last but not least, Eve Peach is a very talented accomplished fibre artist exhibiting and working in Nashville, TN.

all images above from Eve Peach

Is everyone enjoying my new finds this week? Let me tell you that I'm continuing to be totally inspired each and every day by my classmates. I hope you are being inspired by my new friends as well!


Heather S Thompson said...

WOW!!!! Thank you so much! This is bringing tears to my eyes. We have not been featured like this before. Such an honor. The images look wonderful.
Thank you again.

Heather S Thompson said...

THANK YOU SOO Much! This is such an honor. Our first feature. I am sending many people over to your site, clients, friends, etc..
This was a beautiful feature. The photos look amazing.

Patricia Torres said...

wow!! thanks for this link.. its excellent!!

Jacqueline said...

Such lovely features!! Love each and everyone one of them! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!!