May 3, 2010


Once again i'm finding myself daydreaming about the house we will have one day, how I will design it, what I will put in it. You know what I mean, right?

Being a renter kinda sucks, but with today's housing prices, especially where I live, we are more than happy with it for the moment.

I have no clue how I discovered Eno, I swear I bookmarked this shop ages ago, and i'm finding myself drawl to the simplistic, organic style of all their goods.

The good news is that their product line is available (in-store only) at Chapters/Indigo here in Canada.

Just a few of my favorite's below.....

strip leather baskets

candle pin candelabras

homo sapiens garlic press

fruit basket

all images by ENO


Hazel said...

I love the garlic press, that is too cool! :) Hazel

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

You know what also sucks, is having a house but {because of said house} not being able to afford to decorate it how you want! *lol*

Loving the Eno products... will have to remember them the next time I'm anywhere near a Chapters!

gucci said...

I love the garlic press

Tanneke said...

Eno has great products, love them. I’ve just found your wonderful blog. Please, keep going.