May 1, 2010

Time Flies

Can you believe it is May 1st already? Wow. Where has the time gone. We didn't really have much of a winter this year, so that would explain how spring snuck up on me. Not to mention, the past month has been totally chaotic as we just returned from our first "family" vacation to Mexico.

Yup, you got it...hubby, Addy, and our parents took off for a week down to Playa del Carmen, my absolute favorite place to escape too outside of Canada. It was absolute bliss, but at the same time, totally exhausting that I think I need a vacation from my vacation.

Addy's first vacation

I've also been thinking about this blog, and how I've been neglecting it lately. Life with an infant has taken over, and I really don't mind. I don't miss the computer when I'm reading her a book, or stacking blocks, or pushing her on the swing at the park.

I'm going back to my day-job at the end of June, and if I can't find the time now to blog, when will I possibly find the time once I'm working a real job full time? No, I haven't decided to quit.....but I've afraid I just may have too. My focus and my drive just hasn't been there lately.

Maybe I'll start a new blog? About what? I have no idea. I know that I love blogging and interacting with you all as much as I can, I just have no idea how to balance all of it.

Maybe I'll have to just make some changes with DecorAddict? But i'm not sure how or what or when.

As you can tell i've got some serious soul searching to do, DecorAddict and I. It's a deep relationship i'm not quite ready to end, but it has definitely changed. I'm just not adjusting as quickly as I thought I would.

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Designwali said...

you gotta do what you gotta do. Just remember that you have inspired many along the way!