February 21, 2010

Miha Matei Photography

Will winter ever end? Although I must say that here in Toronto we are getting a bit of a break this year, not too much snow thank goodness.

One of the things helping me through the sunless days is lots of vitamin D, and doses of pretty photography.

Miha Matei has recently found it's way into my favorites....enjoy!!!

Born in Bucharest, Miha spent her childhood summers on her grandparents’ farm in the Romanian countryside. Climbing apple and cherry trees, helping raise the family pig and chickens, and eating farm-fresh food every day, she never wanted to go back to the city. Even though her family moved to New York when she was 11, the colors and beauty of those childhood days on the farm still inspire her today.

Upon graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in photography, Miha spent several years as a Photo Editor before concentrating on her own photo work full-time. Miha’s roster includes editorial, advertising and publishing clients and in 2008 PDN selected her as one of “30 Photographers to Watch.”

In her spare time, Miha can be found roaming local farmers markets in Brooklyn where she lives with her husband Marc and son Medby.

The rest speaks for itself.