February 15, 2010

HBC Point Blanket Style

With the 2010 Winter Olympics kicking off in Vancouver this past weekend, my heart has been overflowing with Canadian pride. Most especially since we just won out first ever Gold metal on home soil. It totally made me cry. I'm such a suck sometimes.

Some of you watching the coverage on TV may be noticing a theme with the decor in the athlete's village, even on some of the winter accessories that reporter's and athlete's are wearing. Notice the stripes everywhere of green, yellow, black & red? These are the "official" colors of Canada's Hudson's Bay Company, and also the colors mainly seen in the historical HBC Point Blanket.

I think my great aunt had a peacoat made from one of these blankets in the 70's. Actually, they are all the "rage" right now, if you can find one. Good luck with that.

all images from HBC

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Photography Art Store said...

I have a gray point blanket at the foot of my bed. It's such a classic! I'm really liking the outfits that HBC designed for the Canadian athletes. I wish they would offer them for sale to the public!