June 22, 2009

Kim's Home Office

I've been reorganizing most of the weekend, and one of the hot spots in the condo is definitely our home office/dining room. It needs help. Like serious help. We have enough space, that's not a problem, but I'm finding it a challenge trying to combine the 2 spaces into one. Hence, I've been scouring various sources looking for inspiration which led me to the Desire to Inspire blog (Hi Kim!), and Kim's home office.

This is EXACTLY the feel that I'd love to have in our multi-purpose room. Eclectic, worldly, but somehow multifunctional. Won't to join me on a mini-tour of her office today?

You can see more photos of her office at Desire To Inspire.

Happy Monday everyone! Stay tuned, the winners of DecorAddict's ad-space giveaway are coming up soon!

1 comment:

Patricia Torres said...

wow!! Truly inspiring!! Love the pile of books.. I'd do anything for a space like this...